Tackle it Tuesday- bring on the bling!

     I have something that I have been meaning to tackle for Ms. Indepedent (4) for a while now.  Today, I finally got off my tush and did it.  It’s about time, eh?! 

     Take one plain blue jean jacket.

Add a little bit of iron-on bling.  I have to add the note that this brand of sparkles is not my favorite.  There is one with a black background in the packaging that is better.

And viola!  A cute jacket for an adorable little girl.   


It is nice not to have her jacket and the iron-on sparkles taking up precious space on my dresser.  Woo hoo! 

What have you tackled today?  Share it at 5 Min for Mom or just check out other bloggers’ tackles for inspiration.

God bless!!


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5 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday- bring on the bling!

  1. Way to go putting the wrap on the bling!

    Cute jacket!!

  2. That’s so cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog; hope you’ll visit again soon!

  3. Love it! And I’m sure your daughter will be the belle of the school 🙂

  4. Nice! I think it’s so imaginative when people do things like this. Super tackle.

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