Reason #762 I don’t like carpeting

Introducing Tiberious the Titan of Terror. 

Terrifying, isn’t he?

     Mr. Muscles came home on Friday with something black in his arms.  I thought it was his jacket until it moved.  Then I realized it was a puppy.  He is a sweet, albiet big, 7 week old puppy.  The kids are absolutely mezmerized by him.  Personally, I love the puppy breath and big eyes. 

     Don’t you love his name?  LOL  He is fitting right in with our other two dogs:  Morgan the Magnificent Mischevious Moo Ha Ha and Morpheus the Morphastudly.  Morpheus is over 13 years old with a life expectancy of 10-12 years tops.  He is still with us and tolerating Tiberious pretty well for an old fart.  🙂 

     I am sure our newest addition will be providing plenty of blogging fodder.  LOL

My life through Christ,



One response to “Reason #762 I don’t like carpeting

  1. LOVE the name! He’s beautiful, too. But I’ve also got to say, I’m glad he’s yours and not mine. We’ve discovered we are NOT a dog family.

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