Weekly PREview

     I know, the week officially started yesterday (Sunday), but I was preoccupied.  Ms. Lovebug (6) had her first gymnastics competition.  I will tell ya’ll about that soon.  After finally getting home I only had an hour and a half to prepare for the Superbowl (or Soup Bowl as Ms. Giggles (23 months) called it).   That is just not enough time!  I am sure you are glad to know that I was prepared in time and cheered on the Steelers all the way to the end.  It got to be a really good game in the last quarter! 

     Onto this week’s happenings:

     Around the House:  the normal things like laundry, mopping all the floors, dusting, oiling wood and such.  I also need to get all of the blinds in the house wiped down,  then onto reorganizing my homeschooling shelf in the dining room, get all the junk we shoved in the upper shed put where it belongs, wipe down the walls in the living room and dining room and reorganize the entryway closet.  It is very disheveled.  LOL

     In the Schoolroom:  We are moving on to chapter 6 in geography with the oldest 3, work on their science fair projects, library day is Tuesday, big math test for Ms. Firecracker (8 ) on Wednesday, continue on with our history- Ancient Civilizations in the Bible, Spanish test on Thursday for the oldest 4 and squeeze in a park day with our homeschool co-op.  Note- this is not all inclusive of our daily homeschooling.  It just highlights a few of the things we are doing in addition to the normal math, language arts, reading, science and such.

     On the Homestead:  I need to get another layer of compost materials into the chicken run for them to compost for me.  I also need to get the rest of the leaves taken care of around the gardens, work on the first 3 raised beds we have made, and score some hay for the chicken house

     With the Youngins:   I mentioned the park day (they love these), we also have a basketball for Ms. Serious (11) to cheer at on Saturday, gymnastics practice on Mon., Tues., Wed., and Friday, and have an art bonanza one day this week.  🙂

     Not to forget:  grocery shopping this week, mail off the Burt’s Bees and Dove Chocolate prize to the winner of my giveaway, work in a few walks, and pick up the prizes for the Homeschool Science Fair I have organized.  It is not a really full week ,so I will get a little more time to put my feet up.   Maybe I will even get a chance to finish the book I started.  LOL  

     What are you up to this week?

My life through Christ,



One response to “Weekly PREview

  1. WOW! That sounds like a pretty full week to me : )
    Definitely put your feet up this week—you more than earned it.

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