Is it ok to be in love with clearance tags?

     A trip to Target to kill some time turned into a clearance bonanza I had to control!  Being broke certainly helps that.  LOL 

I was able to find some nice casual (cotton) pants for me.  More importantly I found jeans for a couple of the youngins.  🙂  For Ms. Giggles (almost 23 months)  I found some 2t Osh B’ Gosh jeans on clearance for $6.  Yes!  She has been steadily outgrowing her current jeans.  Aren’t her new britches so cute?  Adjustable waistline and bootcut make me happy!

I also found some jeans for Ms. Serious (11).  This really was a find.  They never have her size, and when they do there are no slims or adjustable waistlines.  Now she has a brand new pair of bootcut jeans with an adjustable waistline.  I love the darkwash.  She can dress them up or dress them down.  I found these Levi’s for $8 on clearance. 

I just love finding a good sale.  🙂

How about you?  Any great deals lately? 

God bless,



2 responses to “Is it ok to be in love with clearance tags?

  1. a formal dress (i work a charity event every valentine’s and i have to have a dress each year) 70% at a consigment store – $12!!! and i’ve already gotten a ton of compliments (the store has to use a community dressing room because their 70% sale is so popular.

    What a fantastic deal! You go girl. ~Rhen 🙂

  2. I got my 300 dollar wedding dress, new with tags, for 30 bucks at the local second hand store….that was 11 years ago almost now but still…

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