Pregnancy #7- Week 27

     Man, time just seems to be flying.  Can you believe there are only 13 week left to go???  Wasn’t I just 13 weeks along last week?  Other than looking at some bedding, I am completely unprepared.  LOL  Yes, it is possible with pregnancy #7.  🙂

     Even though the Dr. has some concerns, I am feeling great.  By the end of the day I am a little tired, but that happens to the best of us even when we are not pregnant.   Today is a good day.  🙂

This week’s stats:

My weight is 161.2 pounds. 

My belly is 41 1/2 inches around at the belly button.

I took this week’s pictures with my tripod.  I am not happy with them, but they will have to do.  Sigh.

So, here I am at 27 weeks.

Mr. Muscles and I have a banquet to go to on Saturday night.  I will get him to snap a few shots then to share.  Maybe he will even let me have a picture with him in it.  LOL

Have a blessed day,



4 responses to “Pregnancy #7- Week 27

  1. You look great!!! I hope I look that good at 27 weeks!!

  2. I think the pix are great. And I’m wondering why we weigh the same when you’re 27 weeks pg and I’m not pregnant at all! My goal during my pregnancies was just never to hit that awful 200 mark. The closest I ever came was 298 a few days before my first child was born.

  3. You look awesome!!

    You won my Aqua Juice giveaway. Send me an email with your mailing info so they can send you a bottle. Congrats!

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