Happy Thursday 13!

     Thirteen things that make my job as a “stay at home” mom the best job ever!

1.  I get to see all of their firsts.    I hear their first real laugh.  I watch them crawl for the first time.  I get to be the one with my arms out for their first steps.   I get to experience all of the wonderful first my children go through.  Not a caretaker, babysitter, daycare worker, etc…

2.  Unlimited hugs and kisses all day long.

3.  Pajama days.

4.  Crazy science experiments that take over the whole house.  None of the children can resist helping out and having fun with them.

5.  Family breakfasts and lunches together.  Not just dinner. 

6.  Park days with other homeschoolers and friends. 

7.  Picnic lunches on a Tuesday for no reason.

8.  Watching the children learn.  Like when they “get” something they have been working.  I love being a part of and seeing them triumph.

9.  Afternoons reading books together on the couch.

10.  Forming strong bonds with my children. 

11.   Lots of time to play “restaurant” and “Dr. visits”, and build forts.

12.  Field trips!!!  ‘Nuff said!  LOL

13.  Family craft projects.

     I could keep going, but I have reached 13.  What do you love about being a SAHM or WAHM? 

     For more Happy Thursday (13) pop over to Happy to be at Home.

God bless,


3 responses to “Happy Thursday 13!

  1. Good for you! It’s so nice to hear the good things that come with staying at home. So often we hear women complaining. I love that there are so many women out there who are happy to be a homemaker!

  2. Great post! I enjoy many of the same things, especially getting to see all the firsts! That makes all the “bad” days worth it!

  3. I agree 100% with everything on your list! I so enjoy having all that time together, although I don’t always remember that I enjoy it. 🙂

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