Dr. Appointment Update

     I am just a 26 weeks and 4 days into this pregnancy and I am already tired of the Dr. appointments.  LOL  Mr. Muscles has to work, we have no family here, and no daytime people to watch the kids so they all get to go with me.  I am just thankful they behave.  It is only because they don’t want to see momma angry.  That whole spitting fire thing kind of freaks them out a little.  Hey, you use what you’ve got, right?  🙂

     For anyone who has not read my weekly pregnancy posts I will give you a little background before I jump into the conversation I had with the Dr. today. 

     This is pregnancy and baby #7.  At each of the 3 ultrasounds we have had so far she has measured on the petite side.  The second ultrasound had her in the 16th percentile, and the 3rd ultrasound in the 13th percentile.  While her size is very small her brain is fully formed, her heart is fully formed and working perfectly, all of her organs are formed and functioning as they should, spine is great, palette is great, everything is measuring porportionate, and all test come back perfect.  She is very active, and I even measure exact for each Dr. appointment.  They can find no reason for her to be so petite.  While we have some petite and some above average children in height/ size, none of them were so in utero.  They all were average, with the exception of our son, who was slightly above average. 

     Dr. wanted to go ahead and set me up for another ultrasound.  I am hesitant to do so.  I am not against technology at all, but each time it does have a consequense.   I don’t want Baby Girl zapped over and over again when there could be other options.  After a discussion about how everything except her size is perfect, we came to an agreement that I will go ahead and start my every-two-weeks appointments.  Usually these don’t start until after 30 weeks, but this will allow the Dr. to monitor her and me.  We will have one more ultrasound around the beginning of the 8th month or so.  I am not excited about dragging the tribe to the Dr.’s office, but it just has to be done.   My Dr. does not like this puzzle.  LOL   He does not like not being able to figure out and have answer for her small size.  Don’t worry Doc, God already has everything in hand!

     I am so thankful that I have God in my corner.  He knows Baby Girl already, and is forming her perfectly.  I do not have to carry worry over this.  When my heart feels overwhelmed by everything, and I start to let my mind wander over things too much, I can just let it all go to God.  I have laid it all at His feet and can rejoice in the fact that He who created all is in full control.  Amen!

     I am off to bed to watch a little Jon and Kate plus 8 before I go to sleep. 

Have a blessed evening all,



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