Daybook Entry

FOR TODAY January 26th…
Outside My Window… It is cloudy and gray, but the sun is supposed to make an appearance soon.  I hope it does.  I am so ready for spring with its warmer temps and beautiful green of new plants and leaves.
I am thinking…  fasting.  I have my blood sugar test today, but it is not until this afternoon.  I have to fast before the test, which means I cannot eat until about 4 o’clock this afternoon.  Ugh.
I am thankful for… wonderful friends who make me laugh.  I love to laugh. 
From the learning rooms… In additon to math, language arts, science and such we are also working on our Ancient Civilizations and the Bible.  Ms. Serious (11), Short Man (10), Ms. Firecracker ( 8 )and, Ms. Lovebug (6) are working on their science projects.  The Homeschool Science Fair is February 23rd and 24th.   They are having so much with their projects.
From the kitchen… tonight is gymnastics practice so it will be a crock pot night.  Roast with veggies will be cooking away all day. 
I am wearing… very comfortable chocolate brown straight leg pants and my oversized burgandy shirt.  Let us not forget the bare feet and hair in a ponytail.  8)  I will be changing soon into my jeans and a t-shirt.
I am creating… organization.  I am working on getting a whole bunch of pictures gone through.  Some will go in picture frames, some will go in photo albums and some will go in photo boxes.  I try not to think about how many pictures I have to go through.  It can get a bit overwhelming.   
I am going… to a Dr. appt (26 and half weeks) where they will administer the blood glucose test and then to the gym for Ms. Firecracker’s (8 ) gymnastics practice.  She has her kip swing.  I know they have been working on their level 5 floor skills.
I am reading… a pretty eye opening book called This Little Church Went to Market.
I am hoping… to get a few more loads of laundry done.  I didn’t do any this weekend and you cannot even find the laundry room now.  I may tie a lifeline around my waist before I  head in.  You know, just in case.  LOL 
I am hearing… Several of the girls practicing Ms. Serious’ (11) cheers with her.  She is loving Upward Cheerleading.  I also hear the sounds of my son trying his hardest to avoid cleaning up all of his toys. 
Around the house… I got all of the carpets cleaned as well as the furniture.  Now I want to clean off all of the fans, organize a few areas in my bedroom and figure out a better way to organize Ms. Giggles (22 months) toys and such.  Right now her toys are just in a big tub.  She cannot find anything. 
One of my favorite things… is being an at-home mom.  I am working on a post now talking about the things I love and appreciate most about my job. )
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:  Library, gymnastics practice, cheerleading practice, game for Ms. Serious (11) to cheer at on Saturday, have the kids finish sewing their pillow projects, prepare Ms. Lovebug’s (6) leo and warmup for her first meet on Sunday, prepare for a house guest, hopefully a trip to the park, preparing for Mr. Muscles’ end of year banquet on Saturday, and whatever else pops up.     
Here is picture thought I am sharing…

This is Ms. Firecracker (8 ) at gymnastics practice.

All for His glory,
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  1. I enjoyed reading your daybook this morning. I can’t imagine taking a glucose test in the afternoon, especially pregnant. UGH! Have a blessed week!

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