Sweet Baby Bedding

     I have never been one for reusing the baby bedding from one child to the next.  Each new baby gets their own and it is always different. 

     So far we have used:  Ms. Serious (11) was Baby Mickey and Minnie, Short Man (10) had a green and tan set, Ms. Firecracker (8 ) had a whole barnyard theme going on, Ms. Lovebug (6) had a Dreamtime Baby set with moons and stars, Ms. Independent (4) had a Teddy Bear set, and Ms. Giggles (22 months)  has a pink, white, yellow and green flower set.   Ms. Giggles has our only pink set.  I am not a fan of pink and Granny got her way on the whole pink thing for her.  LOL

     Now to the task of  trying to find a bedding set for Baby Girl.  This time I am leaning towards purple as the main color with green, yellow and/ or white accents.  Here are a few of the ones that I found so far (you can click on the pictures to find out more about the set):


This one (below) is not purple ,but red , and is one of my absolutely favorite colors.

Aren’t the dragonflies too cute?!  The little chair is adorable.

     It was kind of tough finding these.  It seems as though everything out there is either pink or blue!  I am not all that attached to the purple theme.  🙂  Especially now that I found the red one.  LOL  Got any suggestions?  Maybe something that is not pink or blue?  🙂

     Have a blessed day,



4 responses to “Sweet Baby Bedding

  1. I love the red one, or the one right before it. They are both gorgeous!!!

  2. I didn’t think I’d pick a pink one for our DD either, but it’s pink and brown, which I ABSOLUTELY love together! I love your second and bottom choices. I’m a purple girl myself, but that bottom picture rocks!

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