Pregnancy- 26 Weeks

     I am so glad to be back online!  The power cord to our computer went kaput and it is taking forever for the new one to come in.   Mr. Muscles has rigged the old one to work just enough for me to spend a little time online.  

     Today I am starting week 26 of pregnancy #7.  All is going well.  She is extremely active and very fussy about anything being on my stomach.    LOL   Persnickety already. 

This week’s stats:

My weight is 159.6 pounds.  Too much dessert the past week!

My belly measures 41 inches around at the belly button. 

Here I am:

I think I am going to start using my tripod to take some pictures.  That way I can stop using the bathroom mirrors.  🙂

Have a blessed day!



2 responses to “Pregnancy- 26 Weeks

  1. You look great! That’s my favorite pregnancy stage, right now I feel stuck in the nausea…

  2. Found you through MPM, and your gorgeous, congrats on your pregnancy!

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