Who am I?

     Who knew trying to find a user name could be so stressful and hard??   I mean, seriously!  It should not take 20+ minutes. 

     I just joined Twitter and had to think of a user name. 

     Yestheyareallmine– too long.  Shoot!

     Rhen– already taken.  But that is me!!

     Theonewithallthekids– too long again.  Not to mention dumb.  So what if I hear it just as much as “are they all yours?”

     Allmine– what is?

     Daughteroftheking– oh so true, one of my favorite descriptions of myself but, too long as well.


     Then what?   Everything I could think of that describes our family is too long.  Isn’t that ironic!  LOL  More people know me as Rhen than my real name and yet, someone else is already being me on Twitter.   Grrr.

     So, I started thinking about how to describe my life.  How do I feel in my own skin and the roles I take on?  How do I feel in my daily relationships with God, Mr. Muscles, my children, family and friends?  Even when I whine, moan, groan, complain or just grump about things I really am contented.  When I sit back and watch the kids play, I sigh with contentment.  When Mr. Muscles and I snuggle and watch a little tv, I sigh with contentment.  When I watch my children learning and growing in their schoolwork and interests, I sigh with contentment.  Things may get tight, or hard, or busy but, God has blessed us so much and that makes me feel great contentment. 

     So, if you are on Twitter and you want to say hi just find me as ContentedRhen.    You can also call me corny if you like.  🙂

God bless!



One response to “Who am I?

  1. I know, choosing usernames can be so agonizing!

    I just now discovered your blog — look forward to following you on Twitter as well!

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