WFMW- Getting the lead, errr, iron out

     People in the grocery store can some of the most helpful people … in the right situaltions.  😉 .     LOL   When you are walking down the detergent aisle complaining whining conversing with a friend about the red clay here in the south and what it does to hubby’s work socks, a perfect stranger may suggest a product that actually gets all of the orange/ red out of your white clothing.  That is a person you want to find again and hug!


     The product?  Iron Out.  Seriously.  I washed a load of whites the week before and bleached them with clorox.  Socks were still orange/ red and the whites were not white.   I brought home my little bottle of Iron Out with high hopes.  I  rewashed the load with the iron out and let it set 30 minutes to soak.  What a huge difference.  It actually got all of the red and orange stains out.  I added a short wash (after the iron out wash was done) with only a small amount of bleach and the whites were practically glowing!  This stuff is amazing!   I even used it in the tank of my toilet and got all of the iron stains out.  Love this stuff.  8) 


     So, if you have problem with dingy whites, clay stains, grass stains, or practically any stains on your whites, try some Iron Out. 


     PS- thank you to lady in Kroger who told me about it.  My hubby’s socks are forever in your debt!


God bless,


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4 responses to “WFMW- Getting the lead, errr, iron out

  1. I can’t wait to try it!!! Thanks for the wonderful tip!
    I’m in Alabama, so the red clay is in my blood- or is that blood in my kid’s socks?? Probably a little of both.

  2. Our old house had well water and the sprinklers would cause things to turn rusty. We used this on gates and our white trim on the house. Great tip about clothes!

  3. A solution for southern red dirt??? You’re my hero! This is going to save my life (and my kids’ clothes) this summer.

  4. I have got to get some of that…since moving to Tennessee I’ve been throwing out so many clothes with orange clay stains that just would not come out no matter what I did.

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