I thought I was going to EXPLODE!

     Having multiple children seriously ups my chances of a kid having a bad day.  I don’t mean a grumpy day.  I mean a “shhhh, I am hiding from mom” day.  Sometimes they make bad decisions and,  I often end up shaking my head in wonder that they would even think of doing some of the things they do.  


     Every day has a fit or a meltdown or an attitude problem.  Not every day has one of them in such trouble and lying low to stay off of my radar.   Today, however, was a different day.  For the first time 5 out of 6 had a “run, she’s coming!!” day.   Why not 6 out of 6?  Ms. Giggles (22 months) was in her crib during the “incident”.  


     Allow me to set the stage for you.   It actually started out as a good day.  I only had to tell Short Man (10) 4-5 times to get dressed.   Ms. Serious (11) made it out of bed and was standing on her own two feet after only 2 warnings.  They had their beds made, they were dressed and, Ms. Firecracker (8 ) and Ms. Lovebug (6) even vacuumed their room!   Woo hoo!!  We covered all of our schoolwork in time for lunch.  Cool.  They had lunch and cleaned up most of the mess from that.  See how ahead of the game we were??  I was even on track to make it to my ultrasound early


     By that point the children had lulled me into a false sense of security and calm.  Things were rolling along smoothly.  I gave them a little direction like:  finish straightening up your areas (4-5 minutes TOPS), brush your hair, brush your teeth and put on your socks and shoes.  Nothing big or difficult.  We were already 90%+ done with everything. 


     Then, I stepped into my room to get ready.  Twenty minutes later I emerged clean, brushed, and ready to go only to find my house had thrown up.  Children were jumping on the furniture excuse me- that is never allowed, beds were no longer made huh?, Ms. Independent (4) was on her third change of clothes like I don’t do enough laundry,  puzzles, books, games and toys were now covering the living room, hallway and their bedrooms a minefield of junk just waiting to gouge my feet, and they had not done a single thing I had asked them to there’s a shocker (insert extreme sarcasm)!    They actually went backwards on their progress!!!  Not forwards.  Backwards!!!!!!!!  


     That is when I could feel it.  It started in my hands and stomach and rose inch by inch to my head.  I thought I was going to explode!  We had 3 minutes to leave the house and they were all standing there with that deer in the headlight look on their faces.  At this moment the only intelligent ones were the dogs, who grabbed their bones and hightailed it.   Do my children not have a sense of self preservation?  


     It took a few moments and then they scattered.  There was no blood or sweat but, man, were there tears.  I have no idea how we got to my appointment on time but, I thank God that we did.  What they did not get done before we left they took care of when we got back.  No arguing, no whining.  They just worked.  Good, that self preservation is starting to kick in.


     I did leave them with one bit of very important advice.  This should be passed on to everyone.  


     Before you make a decision to do or say something, ask yourself one question.  Will it make momma happy or mad?  If the answer is happy then go for it.  If the answer is mad then run the other direction.  It is just not worth it!!

     Warm up the hot chocolate and pass the Nutella.  Momma needs to relax!

God bless,


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