Daybook Entry, January 12th, 2009

FOR TODAY January 12th…
Outside My Window… the sun is shining and it around 43 degrees.  Very cold weather is supposed to move in this week.  Thank goodness the rain has already come and gone.
I am thinking…  about the path that God has led us down in the past few years.  We have been pretty much nomadic in our journeys and are ready to settle.  God is leading us in that direction.  We are following His leading and waiting on Him to show us the next step.  🙂
I am thankful for… God who lets me put all of my worries, cares, struggles, burdens and doubts on Him.  I couldn’t carry it all.  His strength is very much a part of my daily life.
From the learning rooms… the basics, including: Lifepac math, Wordly Wise, Language Arts, Explode the Code, reading, etc…  This week we will be starting our Ancient Civilizations and the Bible.  Ms. Serious (11), Short Man (10), Ms. Firecracker (8) and, Ms. Lovebug (6) are working on their science projects.  The Homeschool Science Fair is February 23rd and 24th.   They are having so much with their projects.
From the kitchen… a few goodies will be in the oven.  I am going to use the peaches and blackberries we put up this summer to make some cobblers.  Homemade cobbler is just beyond yum!!
I am wearing… very comfortable chocolate brown straight leg pants and my Green Bay Packers turtleneck.  Let us not forget the bare feet and hair in a ponytail.  8)
I am creating… I finished Ms. Independent’s blanket for her birthday and, now I am working on them for the other children. 
I am going… to an ultrasound appointment and then to the gym for Ms. Firecracker’s (8) gymnastics practice.
I am reading… my bible.  I am popping back and forth between Romans and Proverbs.
I am hoping… to get a few more loads of laundry done before we have to leave. 
I am hearing… the kids playing as they finish up their lunch hour and the song Revelation by Third Day.  Awesome song!
Around the house… there are just a few areas that need to be straightened up before my appointment.
One of my favorite things… is sitting on the couch, going through homeschool catalogs and seed catalogs as I dream of Spring.  )
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:  Library, gymnastics practice, cheerleading practice, first game that Ms. Serious (11) cheers at on Saturday, reorganize the laundry room and my closet, have the kids finish sewing their pillow projects and whatever else I think of.   
Here is picture thought I am sharing…
This is a picture from a field trip up to Amicalola Falls last spring.  It was breathtaking and I cannot wait until it warms up enough to visit again. 
All for His glory,
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