It is official…

… we have a cheerleader.

     Ms. Serious (11) is now a cheerleader.  Our church is hosting the Upwards Basketball and Cheerleading.  She has been taking dance for a good while now and, when we changed gyms it changed her classes and freed up a lot of time.   When the opportunity came to join the squad she jumped at it. 


     She has had 4 weeks of practice and she is loving it.  She has become friends with everyone on her squad.  She practices cheers all the time.  She is now teaching the cheers to the rest of the girls in the house.  She spent a looooong time opening and fluffing her pom-poms and, she still tweaks them to make them “just right”.   She cannot wait to wear the ribbon in her newly cut hair.    She is counting down the days to her first game on the 17th.   Can you tell she is excited?  LOL    I have my camera ready to take 100+ pictures of her during her first game.


     What is momma excited about?  Her excitement of course.  She is so quiet and reserved about everything just like her daddy!  I also love the opening prayers at practice, the short bible study at the end of practice and the verse they get to memorize.  They get to earn stickers, prizes and titles as they progress and learn more. 


     I am not getting too into the whole cheerleading thing.  She has already informed me that she wants to play basketball during next season.  Whatever floats your boat sweetheart!  The trying new things she gets from me.  It takes a lot of work to get Mr. Muscles to step out of his comfort zone.  LOL  🙂


     If you would like to learn more about the Upwards program (basketball, cheerleading, soccer) just click here


     I am off to celebrate Ms. Independent’s 4th birthday and give her the blanket I made. 

Ya’ll have a blessed day,



2 responses to “It is official…

  1. Very kewl!!! I’m so glad she’s having fun!

  2. And Happy Birthday Ms Independent 😉

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