I am so artsy fartsy!

     Saturday, our little Ms. Independent will turn 4 years old.  Amazing.  She is so petite that I often forget just how big she is getting on me.  Slow down little girl!  🙂

     Last month, I had to make Ms. Firecracker (8 ) a no-sew blanket for her gymnastics State Competition.  Each parent made one for their gymnast, and they were embroidered with the gym’s logo and the gymnast’s name.

The blanket turned out beautifully!  I was so happy with it that I have decided to make one for each child.  Ms. Independent is first because her birthday is so close.

The blanket is so easy to make, and I thought I would show you.     PS- Do not be amazed.  I am not really an artsy-fartsy person.  This is pretty much my shining moment.  🙂

First, you choose your fleece.  Here is what Ms. Independent chose.  She did not have a clue that she was even doing it.  LOL  I spent 16 dollars for both pieces.  They are each 1 1/2 yards.

     Lay out one of the fabrics making sure to put the soft side down.  Notice the size of the fabric.  I have a queen size bed and the 1 1/2 yards takes up most of it.  The final size is shown at the end of the post.

     Then, lay out the second fabric directly lined up on top of the other fabric with the soft side up.

     Line them up the best you can and, I highly suggest you do a light pinning of the fabrics to hold everything in place.

     Trim up all 4 edges so everything matches at the hems.

     Now, trim out a 5 inch square at each corner.  I made my square out of a piece of cardboard.

     Pick one side (edge)  to start on.  It doesn’t matter which one.  Remove the pins, and cut the fabric into strips that are approximately 1 finger wide and 5 inches long.  The length should match up with the square you cut out.


     Grab each set of strips, and tie it like you would tie the end of a balloon.  Continue doing this on all four sides.


     When you are all done you will have a no-sew blanket.  Here is how Ms. Independent’s turned out.



     I will let ya’ll know how she likes it after I give it to her on Saturday.

Have a blessed day,



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8 responses to “I am so artsy fartsy!

  1. I love these blankets, they are so warm! I actually made 5 of them in one day three days before Christmas for my little ones…I don’t suggest making 5 in one day. It was a pain in the neck…literally!

  2. Very pretty! If I did that on my bed, my quilt would have a huge hole in it. LOL

  3. I love these blankets. My daughter got one when she was born and when she got to big for the one we made one for her. Ther are so nice especially in a drafty house.

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  5. oooohhh I think I may have to make a few of these this year for Christmas…

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