Things I Love Thursday- Toostie Rolls

It’s time for TILT!! 

     I was inspired to write this post because of gifts Ms. Giggles (22 months) and Ms. Independent (3 7/8th’s) received. 


Toostie Rolls


     It has been forever since I have had one.  Ms. Independent shared one with me and, as soon as I popped that bad boy in my mouth tons of memories came flooding back.  It tasted just so stinkin’ good!   Tootsie Rolls and Candy Corns were my absolute favorite of all candies when I was a kid.  It has been so long since I have had a Toostie Roll that I completely forgot how much I enjoyed them.   I took a long time to eat that one piece.  I savored every moment of it.  Why savor it?  Because I knew if I didn’t I would want another one, and another one, and another one and so on.  My hips just can’t take that.  I am at the beginning of my 6th month of pregnancy and I am fighting hard for my tush not to grow big enough to balance out my belly this time!


     Mmmmmm, Toostie Rolls.  Yum!


     Got something you would like to share on Things I Love Thursday?  Pop over to the Diaper Diaries and share it or, just head over and check out everyone who has shared.  🙂

Have a very blessed day,



2 responses to “Things I Love Thursday- Toostie Rolls

  1. my MIL sent us home from Christmas with two full bags of candy corn and two of toostie rolls! mr. right eats them as his lunch now. 😛

  2. Aren’t they the best. And the perfect size when you need a little chocolate for dessert.

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