Pregnancy- 24 weeks

     I have now started my 6th month of pregnancy. 

     Oh, how time flies when you are trying not to gain too much weight.  LOL! 

     Each pregnancy I have gotten better and better about the amount of weight I gain.  The first 2 pregnancies I totally failed and gained tons of weight.   Don’t believe me?  How about from 113 pounds to 178 and a half for my first pregnancy.  Ugh!  20 lbs of that was in the last two weeks.  The Dr.’s said it was water weight.  It took forever to get rid of that “water weight”.  Not that I fully did before I started gaining weight on our second pregnancy!  

     This is definitely my most active pregnancy and, that is helping to control my weight gain.   The more active you are and the better in shape you are, the easier the weight loss afterward and, helps in labor and delivery. 

This week’s stats:

My belly is 39 1/2 inches around at the belly button

My weight is:  156 lbs

Here I am, at 24 weeks, trying hard to take a picture.  My goodness it is hard to take a picture of yourself!! 

I am realizing just how few mirrors we have, or reflective surfaces, for that matter!  I am going to have to get more creative and take pictures while I am out running the kids around.  Maybe a nice stranger will lend me a hand.  LOL


Ya’ll have a blessed day,




4 responses to “Pregnancy- 24 weeks

  1. You’re beautiful Rhen!!!! Thanks for sharing it!!!!

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