The gardens ’09

     My 2009 to-do list included making new gardens and employing more of the square foot gardening.  The areas we used square foot gardening on last year were the most healthy and productive, easiest to maintain, needed less water, and had the fewest weeds. 

     This is an area we started working with last year.  We removed an old deck system that was no longer needed.


     We built a retaining wall to make the slope usable.


     The short brick path was removed and I am steadily making a stone path there.  The retaining wall has been mostly backfilled.

     This picture (below) shows the walkway being torn up but also gives a decent enough picture of the lower area that is also a veggie garden area.  We will be building some raised beds in there as well.  (Sorry for the fuzzy picture)

     These are the beginnings of the first of the raised beds in the upper garden. 

     We have 2 more raised beds to build in the upper area and one along the front railing of the deck. 

     Here is where the deck bed is going.  This will hold some of my tomatoes. 

     I am not sure how many raised beds we will build in the lower garden.  I know there will be one along the lower side of the retaining wall for the blackberries that I need to get transplanted soon. 

     All of this is done with the anticipation of seeing these, and more, again this year. 


I can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt!!

     I also wanted to pass on a fantastic giveaway to ya’ll.  Now, there is not much time left to enter in.  It ends the 10th so pop over to Life in the Lost World and enter her giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to Heirloom Acres Seeds!  Go, go!  But don’t forget to leave a comment here.  I have to know you are here ya know! 

Have a very blessed day.



One response to “The gardens ’09

  1. Hi YesTheyAreAllMine,

    I love the name. I can’t imaging who would ask such a thing! I’m a budding square foot gardener too. And I’m so looking forward to playing in the dirt. I’m working on a post about preparing to plant and I’ll share it with you when I get some more info added. In the mean time, do you think it’s possible/reasonable to try raising chickens in an urban environment – we have a nearly 0.25 ac lot. We are a family of 5 – 2 teens, one hubby, and one Mom-in-Law.

    Take care!
    p.s. what state is your homestead in?

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