Simple Woman’s Daybook Entry January 4

FOR TODAY January 4, 2009…
Outside My Window…  it is cloudy, but thee sun keeps trying to pop out from time to time.  We are still in a warm trend here with the high around middle 60’s.  That will change soon. 
North GA may even have snow this weekend. 
I am thinking… that God is constantly blowing me away. 
He provides for our needs before we even realize we have a need.   

I am thankful for… a fantastic husband who is handy at everything.  It doesn’t what the project

is that I throw at him.  He not only does it but, he makes it better than I had envisioned.  You go sweetie!

From the learning rooms… math.  Can’t you hear the kids groaning?  LOL  We also have several science experiments

going on, geography test, Wordly Wise, Explode the Code and our other weekly basics. 

From the kitchen… I did my grocery shopping yesterday so I am ready to go for the next two weeks. 
As far as dinner goes I will chose either roast with vegetables or breakfast off of  my menu. 
I am wearing… my comfy chocolate colored goucho-like pants and a hot pink stretch top.  
Hair in a pontail and barefeet complete the ensemble.  🙂 
I am creating… an adorable no-sew blanket for Ms. Independent. 
Her 4th birthday is coming up on Saturday and I need to get it finished and embroidered before then. 
She is going to love it!
I am going… to clean my bathroom and grab a bite to eat while I have the
children working independently on language arts.
I am reading… Romans and Jeremiah in my bible. 
I am hoping… to get a little bit more work done on the in-progress vegetable gardens
before the cold and icky weather moves in.
I am hearing… the sound of the children playing during their lunch break and music from
The Message coming through the speakers.  It is almost time to get back to work.
Around the house… I have been working on decluttering and purging items. 
Some are going to a yard sale pile.  Some we are giving away and some are just trash. 
One of my favorite things… is when Mr. Muscles has a 4 day weekend.  No hurrying, waking up with him here, accomplishing so many projects and watching him just play with the kids.  What a blessing!
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:  I will be taking the kids to the library tomorrow, we are back to our normal 4 day gymnastics schedule for Ms. Firecracker (8), Ms. Lovebug (6) and Short Man (10), Ms Serious (11) has cheerleading,  Short Man has a dental check up on Friday, finish Ms. Independent’s blanket, get ready for Ms. Lovebug’s (6) first gymnastics competition on Saturday and hopefully reorganize my closet. 
Here is picture thought I am sharing…
Pretty soon I will be able to start these!!!
For more daybook entries visit The Simple Woman’s Daybook and browse around.  I love taking a peek into the every day lives of others. 
Have a very blessed day!

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