101 Reasons I LOVE my husband

     Ok, here is the latest thing that Mr. Muscles did to make my heart just flop all over the place.   Last Friday he had off of work and, while I was at the gym for Ms. Firecracker’s gymnastics practice, he cleaned out the fridge.  I don’t just mean tossed a few things and a wipe or two.  He completely emptied it, disinfected everything, took it all apart, threw away stuff and reorganized it. 

     Isn’t he amazing!!!  Not to mention he had all 4 of the younger kids so I didn’t have to drag anyone else along to the gym.  I only had Ms. Serious (11).  No one to chase around or keep track of.

Love you baby!!!


One response to “101 Reasons I LOVE my husband

  1. Oh, I just posted something similar about my own manly apron-wearing man on my blog! Isn’t it great to have husbands like that? How’d we get so lucky???

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