I have read quite a few posts from my favorite blogs about their New Year Resolutions for 2009.  I don’t know that I have ever really made any resolutions before.  Whenever I think about resolutions it is always the same things you hear like:  lose weight, take more time for me, quit smoking, be better at finances, and work a little less to enjoy life.  Those are all fantastic but, how many of them are actually followed through with?   How many of them are listed because they truely are a goal or just a standard response that seems like a good enough idea? 

     So, that got me thinking about things I would like to accomplish this coming year.  Does a 2009 to-do list count as resolutions?  LOL  I think it should.  I am resolving to get some things done and, for some of them items I really have to work at it!  So whether we call this my resolution list or to-do list, this is some of  what I would like to accomplish or improve at for the coming year:

          *have a yard sale and get rid of some of this mess!

          *get back to our daily bible study

          *expand our veggie garden and make more use of every square foot (square foot gardening)

          *finish the pasture

          *sell the house

          *spend more time in prayer.  I talk to God a lot during the day but, I want to spend time daily talking to Him by myself and with quiet

          *focus more time and energy into our home-based business

          *blog more.  I took almost 2 months off (my schedule forced it) and when I got back to it I realized just how theraputic it is and how much I enjoyed the the friends I have made online.  You guys are wonderful!

          *take more field trips with the kids

          *name the next addition to our tribe before she is 3 days old! 

          *find more ways to organize every inch of our house


     Well, that’s a start anyway.  🙂  That list will grow as Mr. Muscles and I figure out more of what we want to accomplish and as God shows us where He wants us to go.  While our house is for sale, we are unsure of where we are going to live once it sells.  Do we stay here?  Do we move closer to the kids’ gym?  Will we get to move back to AL?  I am just so grateful that Mr. Muscles and I are not alone in all of this.  We have God’s great wisdom, mercy and guidance to help us every step of the way.  He will show us exactly what we need and where.  Isn’t God magnificent!! 

     I hope each and every one of you has a fantastic 2009, that God leads you, guides and gives you everything you need to face the challenges, blessings and adventures coming your way. 

God bless,



One response to “Resolutions

  1. Rhen I think you should name her Carrie 😀

    *hugs* sounds like a good list, Kris and I did a similar thing we refused to call them resolutions but we decided to set up what we wanted to accomplish this year.

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