Pregnancy: Week 23

Today I am 23 weeks and 1 day.  It really feels (and looks) like my stomach has exploded in size!  

This week’s stats:

My belly is 39″ around at the belly button.

My weight is 155.2 lbs

     At my Dr. appt I had on Monday my blood pressure was normal and they scheduled one more ultrasound to make sure she is growing properly.  The last ultrasound had her only in the 16 percentile for growth.   With the way my stomach has grown I think she is catching up.  🙂

     Mr. Muscles got to feel her kick for the first time.  That is always a really cool moment.  You can see the kicks now as well.  I am tired today but, most days are pretty good. 

     I didn’t even have to cook dinner tonight.  Mr. Muscles did and it was delish!

Here I am at 23 weeks and 1 day.  Thank you hubs for taking the picture! 


God bless,



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