52 minutes down the drain.

     Today was supposed to be my 21 week check up. 

     Notice the words “supposed to be” in that sentence.

     I was a good girl.  I was at my appointment 18 minutes early.

     I understand how frustrated Dr. offices are when you show up exactly at your appointment time.  You are supposed to be there early so they can have your chart ready and out for the nurses to take.   I was there early.

     Unfortunately the Dr’s office wasn’t so concerned with my time.  To make it even harder I had all 6 children with me.  I understand that things get backed up and all but not 52 minutes in the waiting room alone!!  When I got to the end of my patience just sitting there I went to reschedule my appointment.  I wasn’t even next in line to go back!  Where were these people coming from?  It was right after the lunch break  and there were only 4 other people in the waiting room waiting for 3 doctors! 

     On the days I have an appointment my whole is day is dictated by that appointment.  Where I go, how long I stay, what I can get done before and after.  I can’t set aside 3 hours for a doctor’s appointment!   Aaarrrggghhhh, the aggravation today!

     Ok, enough whining about my Dr. appointment gone bad.   Doc and I will just have to wait a week and a half for my next appointment. 

     So, how was your day?  🙂


2 responses to “52 minutes down the drain.

  1. I feel for ya! At my OB/GYN, I have never waited less than an hour to be seen sometimes upwards of 2 hours … EVER! Throughout 3 pregnancies this has been the norm. I complain but nothing changes. He is such a wonderful doc though 🙂

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