Pregnancy: Week 21

Today starts my 21st week of my seventh pregnancy.  10 years ago I would have never believed I would actually type that sentence!

This week’s stats:

My belly is 38″ around at my belly button aka: the pregnancy timer. 

My weight:  151.2 lbs

She (the baby) has already been very active today.  I can feel her kicking.

My energy level is up and, I love what I can get accomplished on days like these.

My next Dr. appt is tomorrow.  I’ll give you their stats then.  🙂

God bless,



5 responses to “Pregnancy: Week 21

  1. You look fabulous!

    Oh, and I’m NOT going to post my weight on my blog!

  2. Congrats! You look beautiful!!


  3. I bet you can’t wait to see your baby for the firs time.

  4. WOO HOO!!!
    Yeah for a precious little girl! 🙂
    You look wonderful!

  5. Hey, we have a lot in common! I am also prego with #7 a girl!

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