3 Hours ahead of schedule!

     Appetizer and dessert.  Throw in a sweet tea and it was all me last night.  LOL 

     Once a month our homeschooling group’s moms get together for a Mom’s Night Out.  I have not be able to attend one since August.  So, when this get-together came on a night when I could be there, I was there!  We had so much fun. 


     I took pictures for a nearby table who was also having a good time.


     We sang Happy Birthday to a gentleman at another table.  In turn, he thanked us and tried to claim our gift exchange presents as birthday presents.


     We laughed so much my sides hurt.


     We met new moms and made new friends.


     My entree (aka: dessert) was The Chocolate Bomb.  It was absolutely delish!! 


     I got home at 11:30 pm.  Three hours earlier than normal.  Three hours ahead schedule!  Woo Hoo!


     So what did you do last night? 


God bless!



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