All the live long day

     I have no idea why I chose that title.  It came to me and I ran with.  🙂  Now all you have to do is sing “do-dah, do dah”. 


     It has been fun and crazy around here.  The caravan of realtors was supposed to have done their tour before Thanksgiving but, they were unable to get over here.  It worked out for my good.  I was able to get the last of the painting done, some stuff cleared out and Mr. Muscles made a few minor repairs. 

     The realtors did get here last week and the house showed well.  I still have a list of items I want to get done before the house really starts showing.  Leaves are covering everything.  Again.  We need to get those in the gardens.  I need to mow the lawn one more time.  The porch needs a good cleaning and I want to scrub around the front door as well.  I would just feel better if I knew it was cleaned properly and looking great.  There is a little straightening up to do around the yard and a little forest magnagement in the woods.   We did get the upper shed and the workshop gone through, organized and cleaned up. 

      Its all good and in God’s hands.  For that I am grateful.


     I am now 20 and 1/2 weeks pregnant.  Last Thursday I had an ultrasound done.  Everything looks great.  All of the organs are there and formed.  The heart has 4 chambers and is working properly.  The spinal column is formed and closed.   All is there and working properly.  There was one small red flag.  She is in the 16 percentile on weight.  My Dr. will review the ultrasound and decide if they want me to have a third ultrasound next month to make sure she is growing steadily.  We are not worried all that much.  Our children (at birth) have ranged from 6 lbs and 18 1/2 inches to 9 lbs and 22 inches.  3 of our children are petite and 3 of them above average (tall).  Also, baby has grown steadily since the 11 1/2 week ultrasound.   My next appt is Friday.

     Yes, I said she.  We are expecting a girl!  That will make 6 girls and 1 boy.   LOL  Poor Short Man (10).  Imagine when he has 5 younger sisters that are preteen and teenagers.  Now we are onto the difficult task of picking names.  We do not repeat first initials so that leaves m,b, r, n, e, h, o and s out.  We choose old names and biblical names.  Mr. Muscles was on the computer last night looking at names.  🙂  Our last 3 were a day to several days old before they had a name.   I would at least like to have a narrowed down list by the time she makes her appearance on or around April 30th. 


     As some of you may know, several of our children started taking gymnastics last Sept.  Since then it has taken over our lives.  Ms. Firecracker (8) went from competing AAU level 2 in January to competing USAG level 4 this fall.  Last Sunday we took a trip down to Tifton, GA for USAG level 4 state competiion.  We are very proud of Ms. Firecracker.  She places on Beam and Bars and in All Around and brough home 3 medals.   She also bested her floor and bars scores during the competion.  It was a huge transition for to move gyms, learn new routines and start competing in the middle of a season but, she handled it all well and is now learning USAG level 5 skills. 

     Ms. Lovebug (6) is also a competitive gymnast.  She is just beginning and is an AAU level 2 gymnast.  Here first competition is in January.  She is very excited.     Short Man (10) will be joining the competitive boys team this spring.  


     I have babbled on enough.  For now.  More torture to come.  And some pictures as well.  🙂

Ya’ll have a blessed day!



5 responses to “All the live long day

  1. Glad to hear everything is going pretty good. As long as she is growing steady then I don’t see the problem. There are just some that fall lower on the % scale (I have one son who is on the 5th %).
    Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season.

  2. I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog today! With my bunch of 7, I’ve often had to unashamedly admit, “YES, they’re all mine!” Congrats on the pregnancy. . .I, too, was pregnant at this time last year. May your holiday season be filled with His Joy and Peace!

  3. It’s so nice to hear from you and to hear a pregnancy and family updae. My ultrasound is tomorrow!

  4. So glad to hear your update….and another girl…so fun!

    I’m due in June, and I’m sure it’s another girl too!

  5. I am there with you on the gymnastics stuff. My 8 year old is competing at Novice 4 this year. My 4 year is starting gymnastics in January. I feel like it is all my girls do around the house. But, oh, how expensive it is! Congrats on the girl!

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