Daybook Entry, November 17

FOR TODAY November 17th…
Outside My Window… the trees are more than half bare now.  The sun is finally out after almost 4 days of rain and dreary skies.  Not complaining though!  We needed the rain.
I am thinking…  that time sure does fly when you are so busy you almost forget to brush your teeth!  LOL
I am thankful for… 5 out of 6 children, myself and Mr. Muscles healing well from a stomach virus that hit our family.  I am also thankful that it did not get our 20 month old.  Prayer works!!
From the learning rooms… we missed Friday because of the stomach virus, so we have some work to make up today.  In addition to the make up work this week, we also have our human body test, Spanish review and test, starting chapter 5 of our Geography, starting Ancient Civilizations in History and our other day to day subjects like math, reading, etc…
From the kitchen… our oven is still broken.  Mr. Muscles replaced the heating element.  That was not it.  Now he is going to replace the selector switch.  I NEED my oven back!!
I am wearing… an oversized maroon shirt and loose black pants.  Very comfortable on my 16 1/2 week pregnant belly.
I am creating… nothing in the kitchen so we are going to work on some Thanksgiving arts and crafts gifts to give to family and friends.
I am going… to the gym today.  Not for me, of course, but Ms. Firecracker (8) has gymnastics practice this evening.
I am reading… my bible.  I was in Leviticus but have really enjoyed popping over to Psalms.  Very uplifting!
I am hoping… to get the upper shed cleaned out and straightened up before the caravan of realtors comes to see the house.  I need Mr. Muscles to help me though.  I just can’t lift most of it by myself. 
I am hearing… the pitter patter of little feet, and not so little feet of the older kids, as they rush to get a few things done.  We have a full day happening here!  LOL
Around the house… I am steadily cleaning out the clutter.  Well, as much as I can with 8 people and 2 dogs living in less than 1500 square feet.  We need the house ready to show ASAP.
One of my favorite things… is all the planning and preparing with family for the upcoming Thanksgiving feasts.  The kids are a big help getting everything ready.  They are too young to realize it is work.  🙂
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:  get Ms. Serious (11) signed up for Upwards cheerleading at our church, get Short Man’s birthday gifts wrapped and ready (he will be 10 on Tuesday), move the young chickens to the chicken house, rake the leaves into the gardens, move more stuff out to the upper shed, weedeat around the house and yard area, finally get hubby’s cold weather clothes out and unpacked, download a few hundred pictures from my camera to the computer, make a batch of soap and go to my 17 week Dr. appt on Friday. 
Here is picture thought I am sharing… here are some of our visitors.
All for His glory,
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2 responses to “Daybook Entry, November 17

  1. Neat picture. I am surprised we have not seen the herd of deer we normally see in the harvested fields. Eric saw one a month ago on a misty morning, with her yearling, but I missed it!

    Glad you are all on the mend and the Littlest did not get it. LL got influenza last year when we all got it, and I just kept her on breastmilk and kept GOOT on her, and she pulled through ok. It was the 2yo who had it for 8 weeks. 😦

    Have a great time planning and preparing for Thanksgiving.
    May the LORD bless you and may you have health for the rest of the season, in Jesus’ name.


  2. I love reading your Daybook Entries..
    you simply amaze me:)

    Prayers for your home to sell quickly!

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