Daybook Entry- 29 Sept.

FOR TODAY Monday, 29 Sept 2008…
Outside My Window… Fall is really spreading out there.  Some of the trees are showing signs of color!
I am thinking… that I have a huge outdoor project list and it should probably be prioritized if I am going to get it completed.
I am thankful for… 6 healthy children!
From the kitchen… I am making a honey cake today for Rosh Hashanah which begins at sundown.  We are studying and implementing God’s feasts into our lives.
From the Learning Rooms... the kids will be deciding on their science projects for the fall Science and Health Fair in our homeschooling group.
I am wearing… a pair of shorts and t-shirt.  Both are maternity because I am already showing so much.
I am creating… laundry detergent and two new gardens along the front of the house to give it more curb appeal, and to make the house more welcoming.
I am going… grocery shopping today with a side trip to the park for the kids to play with friends.
I am reading… A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George.
I am hoping… to find gas today to put in the van.  This gas shortage is ridiculous.
I am hearing… the sounds of the children getting their beds made, their toys picked up and stuff put away.  They really want to go to the park!
Around the house… the dogs are hiding from me.  They need baths but are trying to get out of them.  LOL
One of my favorite things… is taking field trips in the fall.  The weather is perfect for spending time outside.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: get out the kids’ cold weather clothes and put away the summer stuff, get the house decorated for fall, work in the gardens, gymnastics and dance for 4 of the kids and an OB appointment for me.
Here is picture thought I am sharing…
There many more participants at The Simple Woman!
God bless,

6 responses to “Daybook Entry- 29 Sept.

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming blessing! I’m glad that you are able to find relief from bananas. I get hyperemesis gravidarum with each pregnancy and can’t eat hardly anything. I’m finally feeling better at over 19 weeks along 🙂 PTL!!

    Enjoy your Rosh Hashanah celebration. I missed being able to do any of the feasts right now.

    ~Mrs. Cuddles

  2. Wow! You have me wondering where you are to have a gas shortage.

    I love the title of your blog. I only have 4 kids and I feel like I answer that question all of the time! Thanks for sharing your daybook!


  3. Thanks for stopping by and for the m/s idea! I’m not a fan of the texture of bananas but if the morning sickness kicks in, I’ll definitely try that! I’ll try anything! After my first pregnancy, I can’t even look at the WORD ginger without my tummy lurching. After my second, I’ll cry if I have to eat another saltine.

    How are you enjoying that book? A friend of mine wants me to read through it with her and talk about what we’re learning. I still have to order it on Amazon. It looks really interesting.

  4. I love your life. I live in so cal now, but lived in Idaho for some years, and loved to garden and can my families food. I love all things mommish, ex: cooking, being and doing things with my kids, (I have four). Family game night, craft projects etc,. I love being a mom. I have a great hubby. I thank God everyday for my blessings. And you look great!! When are you due? Do you find out what the sex of your babies are? Sorry Im nosy, Do you live on property? Ok, I’ll stop with the questions now thanks for a fun peek into your wonderful life. 🙂 Liz

  5. Hey she is one of my favourite authors too. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. It made my day.

  6. I enjoyed your daybook. It looks as though we have a bit in common – my older daughters do a lot of dance, and the eldest has just gone back to competitive gymnastics after a four year break (not at the same level, obviously!). We also made honey cake for Rosh Hashanah (dh is Jewish), and I make my own laundry detergent too. Congratulations on the new baby :). I love big families.

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