It’s a Daddy day!!

     I love Daddy Days.  Those are the few and far between, so we enjoy them to fullest when we can. 

     Mr. Muscles did go to work today, but he arrived home mid-morning.  The kids cheered.  The dogs barked and wiggled all over in excitement.  I was so glad to see him coming up the steps. 

     So, now with daddy here, things are just more fun and more relaxed.  Today our focus is getting this house cleaned up and put back in order.  With Mr. Muscles staying on the kids, as well as me, they tend to get a lot more accomplished.  🙂 

     So far we have washed down lots of the walls in the house, both bathrooms are being cleaned, beds are made, the living room is dusted, bedrooms are being straightened up, carpets are being vacuumed, floors swept,  laundry is being sorted and put away and it is just looking better around these parts!

     Aren’t you glad you popped over here to know that?  I am sure it just makes your day that our house is getting the cleaning it needs.

     All Daddy Days are not cleaning days.  Sometimes they are errand days, or lazy days, working outside days, park days or experiment days.  Maybe I can get him outside to finish the weedeating I didn’t.  I hate that weedeater.  So cumbersome and hard to hold out.  Ugh!  I prefer to ride around on the mower and let him eat all the weeds he can find.  🙂

     I am off.  My bathroom needs to be finished and you can’t see the top of my dresser at all.  It is in avalanche mode and I need to fix that. 
     Have a very blessed day!

God bless,



3 responses to “It’s a Daddy day!!

  1. That sounds heavenly. I love Daddy days, but we are a long ways away from being able to use them to clean… at least one of us is always occupied with the kids!
    My favourite thing about having Daddy home early is that the weight of responsibility eases a little. Suddenly, I’m not the only one in charge. It’s nice to be able to share that 🙂

  2. Daddy days are awesome! We get a lot done when our daddy is home too….why is that more motivating do you think??

  3. We love our Daddy Days too–and they often are just the daily stuff of living, but I just love it when the kids and I get to have him along for the ride. So glad you had such a sweet day!

    Thanks for the comment over at the Selah–it’s just been so on my heart how so many folks in my life are so stressed by the circumstances in our country right now. I love how your statement about your family being in the hands of the Lord, not a government…beautiful!


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