Tackle it Tuesday- outside!

     Mr. Muscles and I have been focusing hard on many projects here on our homestead.  None of them included the basic curb appeal of our house.  Our projects are things like pasture fencing, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, taking down old fencing, maintaining our woods, and things like that. 

     With the weather being absolutely beautiful outside the kids and I decided to focus our attention to making our home more welcoming and decorating for the seasons.   I love to decorate for the different seasons! 

     Here is what we have been up to.  The first two pictures are not fully “before” pictures but are pretty close.  These are on either side of our front steps leading to the porch. 

Here are the next two.  We have the rock walls built up, a thick layer of wet newspaper down and a good inch of dirt on top of those. 

That is our tackle so far.  We will continue to work on this tackle this week and into next.  There is some compost to put in there, some mulch and some fall decorations.  Maybe I will even get a plant or two in there as well.  🙂

For more Tackle it Tuesday visit 5 Min for Mom.

Happy tackling and God bless,


PS- if you have any ideas for easing morning sickness (other than crackers), I am all ears!!


5 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday- outside!

  1. re: morning sickness i kept a piece of hard candy in my mouth at all times

  2. Oh and sip on Sprite all day. And eat protein.

  3. Hi there! Ginger in any form is good for sickness. So ginger ale/ginger beer, gingerbread, ginger biscuits, crystalized ginger, chocolate covered ginger; should all work as long as they’ve got proper ginger in them.
    Best of luck!

  4. I discovered papaya enzyme tablets with this pregnancy. I got them at the health food store, but have been told they are in some regular stores near the tums. They are yummy.

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