Insert catchy title here.

That is all I have.  Really. 

I am still fighting this 24/7 sickness- aka morning sickness.  I have pretty good moments, really bad moments, but most times I just feel nauseated and a little tired.  The other hard part of this pregnancy, so far, is the hunger.  I don’t just get really hungry.  I get ravenous!  Absolutely desperate to eat!  I even feel pregnant!  How wierd is that.  Usually I don’t “feel” pregnant until month 4 or so.  This time I really feel pregnant.  Like I would at 5 months and not at 2.  It is like I am expanding all the time. 

     I have to bite the bullet and make a Dr appt.  I really don’t want to use the local OB group, but it may be my only choice.  Gas prices are so high and traveling 35 minutes south just doesn’t make monetary sense.  Especially as the appoinments become twice a month or more.  Ugh.  I really do NOT like the local OB group at all.  Enough whining.  For now.  🙂

     Despite the constant nauseated feeling, it has been a very productive few days.

We have:

-accomplished a lot with schoolwork.

-I mowed the lawn and weedeated around the house.

-kids and I have been working on improving our curb appeal.  We are the only ones who see it, but I would like to feel welcomed home by its appearance.

-kids and I started building rock gardens on either side of the front steps. 

-been harvesting veggies and fruits from the gardens.

-gotten more stuff in the house organized and clean.

-got out Ms. Giggles (18 mo) bigger clothing and fall/ winter clothing, and washed and packed away all of her smaller and summer stuff.  Just 5 more kids to do.  🙂

-Mr. Muscles killed a 5 foot chicken snake.  It was down in the workshop (by the chicken house).  That is where our 3 week old chicks are and it was looking for a meal.  The blessed thing is that it couldn’t get into the brooder box!  Thank goodness.


     Today the kids and I will finish building the rock walls of the new gardens and then get the newspaper in there.  Hopefully we will get the mulch in the gardens on Wed.  I also need to get in the upper shed and find my fall decorations.  Georgia Mom has really inspired me to get off of my tush and spruce the place up inside and out.   Thank you girlfriend!  I am going to pop outside and take some pictures to show my progress. 

     It is time to get the kids focused on schoolwork so we can get outside.  I am off for now.  Ya’ll have a great day!

God bless,



5 responses to “Insert catchy title here.

  1. Hi Rhen:
    So good to read that you are expecting! And that the homestead is expanding as well. Love your new look on the blog (I am slow getting around to checking it out!)

  2. I know money is a big concern, but if I were you I wouldn’t go to a doctor I didn’t feel comfortable with. Seriously, you have to be able to trust them in this, right?
    Good luck!

  3. *hugs* girl…maybe check out the local ones and just see, and if it’s bad, then don’t do it…

  4. I feel your pain. Or your nausea, anyway.
    Have you considered taking half a Unisom at bedtime? I discovered it with baby #4, halfway through the pregnancy. I am sooooooooooooooo sick until week 18 and then I’m just mostly sick and then I’m just queasy. You get the picture? Anyway, taking half the Unisom makes me able to ‘do my day’ the next morning. I still feel like… well, sick, but I’m not puking and I feel semi-human. It worked so well that as soon as the + sign popped up with #s 5 and 6, dh ran to the store and started pushing pills on me. 🙂 I only threw up 2xs with each of those pregnancies. That’s amazing.

    Pray about your dr. situation and then trust God. Don’t go with a dr. you are not happy with.

    cyber hugs,

  5. I’m glad you solved the mystery of the disappearing chickens! Sorry about the OB situation–I almost had the reverse problem (love the local drs, but our insurance was threatening to cancel them…) Good luck, I hope something has changed with the local drs so there is one that is tolerable.

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