WFMW- Dryer sheets

     Recently I learned just how bad dryer sheets are for you.  Ah- the joy of learning!!  LOL

     Each sheet is covered with chemicals that coat your clothes when heated.  Your body (or your childrens’) then absorbs the chemicals when the clothes are worn. 

     The tip I am about to share also speaks to my frugal side.  🙂  Saving money and raising a healthy family is top priority! 

     When it is time to put the clothing in the dryer, simply put 2-4 drops of your favorite essential oil on a washcloth and toss it in with the clothes.  The clothes come out smelling heavenly!  I have taken an old handtowel and cut it into four pieces.  These are the pieces that I put my oil on.  I rotate using lavender, cinnamon, patchouli, and others. 

     I have only been doing this for a few weeks now, but I am loving it!

     Do you have a tip to share?  Looking for more?  Visit Rocks in My Dryer!

Happy WFMW and God bless,


12 responses to “WFMW- Dryer sheets

  1. I like that!
    Thanks for stopping by the Land of Pink!

  2. My husband is allergic to dryer sheets, I gave them up years ago. Now I’ve even given up the dryer and only dry my clothes out on the clothesline to save on our utility bill. I highly recommend it.

    Edited by Rhen: I agree. We dry many of our clothes on the line but there are days and even seasons when it is not possible. If we have 3 days of icky weather and I do no laundry- oh my word at the mountain of laundry!!

  3. Question: I only use fragrance free dryer sheets anyway since I’m super sensitive to smells. But we live in an extremely dry climate and if I don’t use them then I have the worst static ever.
    Do you know if the “nasties” are in the actual dryer sheet or just in the fragrances?
    Do you know of any alternatives for the actual anti-static part?

    Edited by Rhen: The chemicals are in the sheet. There are chemicals in “fragrances” as well. A “fragrance” is made up of no less than 200 different chemicals and because they are listed as “fragrance”, do not have to be individually listed. I have heard of people using homemade detangler and said it works great. I make my own detangler and will have to try it and see if it works.

  4. fascinating. and here I was talking today about how I don’t like to buy commercial cleaning products b/c of all the “stuff” loaded into them.
    dryer sheets I do use. but fragrance free and cut in half.

    i have used vinegar in the washer as a rinse agent to lessen the static.

    more to think about!

  5. This is a fabulous idea! I hadn’t thought about all the chemicals in dryer sheets, but now that I think about–of course!

    Thanks for admiring my super duper organizing cart-twin holder~ hee hee!

  6. Dryer sheets are bad on your dryer too! Build up on the lint screen too. And awful on asthma!

  7. What!
    I use liquid softener and dyer sheets..I know I am a freak!
    I am going to look into the oils..thanks for the info.

  8. Except for Mattie’s clothes..I still only use Dreft.

  9. Yea!!! So happy to FINALLY see a picture of you! I am a “show me” type of person and I can’t stand when I can’t put a face with a.. a…blog.

    Great tip for the dryer sheets. Did you know you can use vinegar in your rinse cycle as a natural fabric softener? It cuts any leftover detergent also. Great stuff, but just leaves clothes smelling like nothing. So if you like nothing, it’s great. Or you could use the vinegar to cut the soap and then use your homemade fabric sheets to make them smell great!

    Edited by Rhen: Yes ma’am. I use vinegar in my rinse cycle as well as make my own laundry detergent. With those and the dryer sheets, it’s a win, win, win situation! LOL

  10. great idea. thanks for sharing.

  11. I’m so going to try that. I quit using dryer sheets a few years ago. I can’t remember why. Glad to know it was a good move!
    I have been weaning myself off liquid softener, and replacing it with vinegar… so far with good results. But I do so much laundry that it is nice to have a soothing fragrance when I’m folding… for hours and hours on end. And I have all these tiny bottles of essential oils sitting around doing nothing… you have inspired me!
    (PS. What is your recipe for homemade detergent?)

  12. We end up with crazy static if I don’t use dryer sheets, even when I use vinegar in the rinse cycle. But I would love to find an alternative.

    If anyone knows of a way to not have staticy clothes, I’m all about it!

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