WFMW- something simple

Happy WFMW!

     Each week, when Wednesday comes around, I spend a lot of time trying to find pearls of wisdom to impart to those bloggers who are looking for information that will change their lives. 

     Sadly, that never happens here, but I do try very hard to be helpful to someone

     This week’s WFMW was inspired by a good friend who was over visiting. 

     We use honey to sweeten our tea and coffee.  The bottom of the honey jar is always getting sticky.  Then the counter gets sticky.  Then the honey jar is almost superglued to the counter.  That just got aggravating.  So, to stop the ever-sticking jar, I now store my honey jar on a little plate.  How simple is that?  It made a big difference.  No more sticking to the counter.  No honey dripping on the counter.  The plate catches it all! 

     I am sure you now want to know how my friend inspired this post.  When she was getting honey for her coffee, she saw my honey jar on the little plate and made a comment on how good of an idea it was.  Instantly my mind thought- there is a WFMW post!  After all, don’t all things lead you straight to a blog post?  🙂

     That is my WFMW tip- the honey plate!

     I know it is not life changing, but I hope it helps someone.  🙂

God bless,


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5 responses to “WFMW- something simple

  1. Simple, yes. Thought of by everyone? No way! This is a great tip. My pantry shelf will thank you 🙂


  2. Now, why didn’t I think of that??

  3. Great idea…thanks!

  4. My husband just hates anything sticky! He uses honey on his cereal so this would be a great idea (and a nice way of showing him how much I love him). When the boys were little I used to threaten (jokingly) that if I was mad at him, I’d feed the boys lollipops and send them out to greet dad after work! Hmmm, wonder why I never really did that?

  5. Great idea–see there, you created a perfect WFMW post!

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