Shoulda, but didn’t

     It is Monday and I was supposed to have posted my menu for the week with the meme MPM. 

     I just never got to it. 

     But, it was such a GOOD day!  Really.  I got so much done today.  Not anything big, rather, a whole bunch of little things.  Those little things that add up and make a huge difference in the way your house looks and the way you feel about your house.  I feel like I accomplished mountains!

     Oh yeah, baby! 

Here is some of what I did:


*paid bills

*4 loads of laundry

*stripped Ms. Giggles’ (18 mo) bed, washed it all and wiped down her crib

*went through not 1, but 2 mountains of papers

*worked on organizing my new homeschooling shelf

*cleaned my 4’x5′ dry erase board

*organized the coloring books

*vacuumed and disinfected the changing table

*got the recyclables together

*swept multiple times

*showered – personal victory for the day!  LOL

     There is more little stuff I could add, but you get the idea.

     With the exception of homeschooling, none of it took a lot of time for each individual item, but having them completed makes such a difference.

     I feel like I kicked to-do list bootie! 

God bless,



5 responses to “Shoulda, but didn’t

  1. Good for you! I just managed to plow through some laundry, oversee some homeschool and drive ballerinas and soccer players all over town–I’ve got to dig into the paperwork pile tomorrow!

    Loved your response on Is Eight Enough! Looking forward to ‘meeting’ your new little one come spring!

  2. sheesh….I’m tired just looking at the list… will sleep well tonight!!! I finally got my menu post done TONIGHT instead of this a.m. that is an accomplishment for me today….ba haaaaa. Have sweet dreams!!!

  3. Oooooh!! Those kinds of days are sooo fun!

  4. That’s AMAZING! You’ve inspired me to be half as productive!

  5. WOW!!! I just LOVE days that I get alot checked off!! : )

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