God, please bless this food.

You know it has been a good Sunday when you get into a food fight with your pastor.  🙂  LOL

I am known for my chatiness.  Really well known. 

I like to talk a lot, so when I lost my voice yesterday and today, it is noticed. 

In public, Mr. Muscles likes to act all quiet, but when he is at home he doesn’t shut up. 

We both talk a lot.  I just talk a lot more in public than he does.   That just makes it more obvious that I cannot speak.  Then Pastor T likes to pick, pick, pick.  My only course of action is to throw a dinner roll, of course!

Our church was the “church of the week” so we got to eat at Ryan’s with a huge discount.  All the kids were free, and Mr. Muscles’ drink and mine were free. 

The food was good and the company was hilarious.

What a fantastic Sunday!!  A great message this morning, fun fellowship and watching Brett Favre in his regular season debut as a Jet.  And they won! 

Hope you all are having a very blessed day!



One response to “God, please bless this food.

  1. WOOHOOO….are you back, are you BACK???? I’ve missed you….sniff, sniff…..

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