WFMW- Backwards Edition

     I just love the backwards edition of WFMW.  So many bloggers out there ready to give advice!  That is incredible.  🙂

     My WFMW request is:

     I need helpful suggestions to keep my laundry room in order.  We have very, very limited space and so often I can’t even see the laundry room floor. 

     What do you do to organize and sort everyone’s clothes?  Do you have a system that makes it easier for them to put clothing away?  If you have any info to share I would love to hear it!!!

Thanks in advance for your help!

God Bless,


PS- If you have a good spaghetti sauce recipe- lay it on me!!!


8 responses to “WFMW- Backwards Edition

  1. I only have four kids, but I fold, sort and organize everything as it comes out of the dryer. That’s really my only option or it would never get done and there would be chaos everywhere.

    I have one of those larger Sterilite baskets (white with the circles all over it) for each kiddo, and I used my label maker to put their name on their basket. As I’m doing the clothes I just have all the baskets across the washer and dryer. They kind of act like mini-laundry baskets. Each child is responsible for putting away their own items.

    I could have my kids do some of the laundry, but it’s one of the areas where I’m a control freak and have some issues. When we get in our new house next month I will probably have my girls start doing their own laundry, but just their own.

  2. We put up a lot of shelving. That has helped a lot! Here are our before and after shots:

  3. Hi Rhen! We have two of those three part hamper things. I toss all the colors into one and whites in the other. THe kids all bring down their laundry and sort it themselves (the little ones get some help!) Then I wash, dry and fold it and they put their own clothes away. Even then there are still the random socks and things on my laundry room floor. I think it’s a large family hazard!

  4. My kids are older, I think than yours. But here’s our system (when it works perfectly!) 🙂

    When their baskets in their closet are full (or when they have no clean undies) they bring the basket down. We sort into 4 or 5 groups:

    sheets/towels/kitchen linens
    Mom & Dad’s colors
    Shaggy and Dr. D’s colors
    LadyBug and BBE’s colors
    will need to add A’s colors there somewhere 🙂

    We start a load pretty much as soon as those get sorted, and I run a load or two almost every day till it’s gone. When the baskets fill up again, I start over. (Which might be why I feel as if I am always running something 🙂 ) I have a counter in my laundry room that houses a space for baskets underneath, closed by sliding doors The Boss installed for me.

    I have a high need for my organizational process to be pretty too when I have to look at it every day. Plus, the laundry room is the main entrance to the house, except for first time guests and the mailman 🙂

  5. Don’t know if you have the space, but if you do, you could try 4 Tall narrow laundry baskets (similar to tall trash cans except these have air holes in them – I found mine at Family Dollar Store). Label them whites, colors, darks/reds, and linens. Line them up in a row, when everyone brings their laundry to the laundry room (mine do it each night after baths) they must then sort that day’s dirties into the proper basket. I have a super capacity washer & dryer (in good weather I use a clothes line), so when a basket is full, I throw a load into the wash. When young (3-6) the children are responsible for folding and putting away towels, wash cloths, etc. When middle aged (7-10), the children are coordinated enough to help with folding and putting away clothing.

    When my children turn 10 their birthday gifts come in a laundry basket. Age 10 is when my children begin doing their own laundry (everyone is assigned a specific morning(s) each week). They already know how to sort, fold and put it away because the’ve been doing it for years. I only have to supervise water temperatures, stain remover and detergent amounts for a couple weeks and then they are ready to be on their own.

    (Note: I continue to wash linens and my children’s “Sunday Best” clothing).

    I hope some of these suggestions help in coming up with laundry solutions for your family.

  6. Small Notebook had a post on laundry yesterday that you might find helpful. Also, coincidentally, my WFMW post today also had to do with laundry…I don’t have too much trouble with the sorting and the washing, it’s the putting away that gets me…but I have a much smaller family so far. Anyway, if you’d like to see the tips I got today, come on over! 🙂

  7. Hey,
    Probably not much help on the laundry thing… but I do make a mean spaghetti! Although, you’ll probably have to double or triple it for your crew…

    1pound ground beef – as lean as you can get
    3 or 4 cloves fresh garlic
    1/4 to 1/2 an onion, minced

    30 oz can of tomato sauce
    2 6 oz cans of tomato paste
    1 15 oz can of diced tomatoes

    3 T brown sugar
    basil and oregano

    Brown beef and add onion and garlic (pressed) when it’s almost done

    In large pot dump in all the tomato products and the brown sugar. I then liberally sprinkle the top with the basil and oregano (or use fresh if you like)
    Add beef mix and simmer for at least an hour. Leave the lid off or it will get too watery (but then make sure your simmer is low or it will “pop” and get sauce all over your kitchen!)

    I also add about half a can of olives, sliced. You could add sliced mushrooms if that was your style!

    Don’t mix the sauce and the noodles together even for storage. The sauce will keep much longer and is actually quite good even after being frozen (prepared ahead? 🙂

    Congrats on the new little one by the way!

  8. I have four DDs. With my 9 and 7 yr old, they have a hamper in their room for dirties. They take their laundry and put it in the hamper all together (most of their clothes are hand me downs and don’t bleed color any more.) If there is an item that requires special washing, they leave it on the floor for me to do later. They wash and dry the load and bring it into their room and fold and put away. I don’t want to be doing everyone’s laundry. So I figured the sooner they do it themselves the better. For now, I have them doing their own. The other two girls, at 3 1/2 and 10 months, I do together. I do my own, and the older DDs have a chance to earn money if they do DHs. Only one has taken that opportunity and it was only once. But, eventually they will have to do their dad’s and sisters’ too until they are old enough. At that point, we will go through sorting colors, but not yet. I have laminated an instruction card for each machine and stuck it with a magnet where they can read it. I also have a step stool in the laundry room as it is sometime difficult for them to reach the bottom of the washer without it. Blessings.

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