See ya!

     I have to tell ya’ll a story.  It is not a warm and fuzzy story. 

     After church on Sunday, Mr. Muscles treated us to lunch at a local BBQ place.   We got there at 12:20 and were seated within a few minutes.  We got there before most of the church crowds, so it wasn’t that hard for them to put a few tables together. 

     Our waitress came to our table about 7 minutes after we got there and took our drink order.  So far, so good.  At this point, there are still only a few tables, other than ours, that have patrons at them.  About 5-7 minutes later our waitress was back at the table with our drinks.  Minus Mr. Muscles’ coffee.  She took our food order then, and assured Mr. Muscles she would be right back with his coffee.  That was the last time she came back.  At all.

     About 15 minutes later Mr. Muscles found her leaning by the cash register and asked about his coffee.  Another waitress brought it out.  That was the last time we saw any wait staff at all.  AT ALL! 

     I tried to find someone to ask about our food, but they just rushed by me, and would not even look at me.  About 25 minutes after we got there more people started to come in, but the restaurant was still not overly full or busy. 

     Now remember, we got there at 12.20.  At 1:45, after repeated attempts to get some attention from a waitress, we finally decided to leave.  We have never left a restaurant before.  Poor Ms. Giggles (17 mo) was just so hungry and tired.  Ms. Independent was trying to nap in my lap.  All of the children behaved so well.  We had several couples compliment our children on our behavior and comment on how long we had been sitting there.  With no food.  No drink refills.  No apologies.  No snacks.  Not even crackers for the little ones. 

     Finally we could take no more.  Mr. Muscles took all of the children, except Ms. Independent, to the van.  I stayed to pay for my tea and his coffee.  There were other tables cheering us on as we left.  They were actually upset with the service (or lack thereof) that we received.  People came and went, and enjoyed their meals in the time we were sitting there.  Even they stopped at our table to comment!

     While at the register to pay (there were 7-8 other people standing there) one lady asked me why I was standing at the cash register.  I told her that I was going to pay for the tea and coffee.  The whole crowd all told me to just leave.  It should be free!  No, I was going to pay anyway.  We did drink them.  Then the same fiesty lady looked at me and said, “I am sure your drinks are on the house.  Right?!”.  And then she looked at the cashier.  The cashier looked at the crowd, then me and said, “yes ma’am!”.   

     As Ms. Independent and I made our way out of the restaurant we were, again, cheered on by other patrons who were amazed that we even waited that long.  We always try to give the kitchen and wait staff the benefit of the doubt.  Almost an hour and a half was just too long, especially for the littles.   By the time we left the place was about 3/4’s full and almost every one of them knew exactly what was going on.  If you have a new business, in a little town, don’t mess up that badly, not apologize and not do anything to make up for it. 

     That’s it.  That’s my story I wanted to share.  See?  Not warm and fuzzy.  We will not be going back there again!

     Have you ever had such a bad experience at a restaurant?  I hope not.

God Bless,



6 responses to “See ya!

  1. Wow! That’s horrid (from someone who used to be a waitress) I really hope you’ll write a letter to the manager. He/she should be given a chance to make it right to you (and better train the employees). Otherwise I would definitely spread the word that this is not a place to frequent. (and let them know you will do this)

  2. Oh my~ that is the worst service I have ever heard in my life. I hope you are planning to write a letter to the manager. Even if you never go back they need to know what kind of service they are providing! Ugh!

  3. Oh my goodness, that’s horrible! I’m so sorry…

  4. ohhhh that’s bad…as a former waitress I know I would have taken your table for the person slacking…*hugs* and heck no you shouldn’t have had to pay a penny.

  5. Wow! I can’t believe that. I am amazed that people are so rude when they work in a customer service position.

    Good for you leaving, I would have left even earlier. I am also very impressed that you were ready to pay for your drinks, that is more than most would do.

  6. That is terrible! I’ve never heard of anything happening like that. Did all the other patrons get service or were they treated like you were? If I were you I wouldn’t go there again.

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