New Organic Love!!

     I have shared with you before about our family’s commitment to healthier living.

     One of those ways is not only being careful of what you put in your body, but also what you put on your body.  Your body is like a sponge and easily soaks up chemicals in the products you use.

     We have tried and used many products such as Jason, Kiss My Face and Aubrey Organics.  I have been a huge Aubrey Organics fan for several years now but a new line of organic products has captured my heart.  🙂

     I would like to introduce ya’ll to Lamas Beauty.  …drum roll please…


     Lamas is not only organic but also eco-friendly and very healthy.  There is no animal testing, no animal ingredients, paraben free and sulfate free. 

     The Wheatgrass Deep Cleansing Shampoo has already gotten my attention as well as the Repair Me Conditioning Mist.


     Next I will be trying the Chinese Herb Body Lotion.  


Here is a site where you can purchase the Lamas Beauty items. 

God bless,


PS- The site you go to that sells all of the products listed on the homepage is that of a homeschooling family and WAHM.  All items purchased through that site are not only discounted (excellent prices!!) ,but also helps to support the family.   I invite you to take a moment and peek at the other products and companies they represent!


3 responses to “New Organic Love!!

  1. Thanks, Rhen! Do you have a body soap you rec?? The Burt’s Bees was too dry for my kiddo with excema. My dh prefers a bar. He wasn’t a big fan of the Kiss My Face bars. Sigh.

  2. thanks for commenting!
    i love finding greener body products. i really like the company beauty without cruelty. i use their face wash and just got their SLS-free shampoo and conditioner (but haven’t tried ’em yet). yay for fewer chemicals.

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