Tea Parties Gone Bad!

What happens when Ms. Independent (3) gets into Ms. Serious’ (11) porcelain tea set?

Let’s ask Ms. Lovebug (5).

She says this:

I didn’t know you could even fit 5 stitches into such a little toe!  

She was a trooper at the ER and has been ever since.  The stitches come out Friday, and then she can get back to gymnastics.  Well, gymnastics, but slowly!

This is the first time we have had stitches in any of the kids.  Not too bad a record!  🙂

Have a very blessed day,


PS- Wanna win some Burt’s Bees?


6 responses to “Tea Parties Gone Bad!

  1. Oh Gosh Rhen!!!! That poor little toe!!!

  2. That is a good record! We also have six and have not yet had any stitches (I’m sure our time will come). Though Dad did poke our oldest in the eye with a Pirattes of the Carribean sword the day we flew home from Disney World. We went from the airport to home to the ER. 🙂

  3. That’s pretty good, poor baby. Glad to know that she can be back on the mat by the weekend.

  4. Poor baby!
    We will be careful the next time we have tea:)

  5. Ouch!
    I’ve tagged you on my blog, so now it’s your turn!

  6. How did I miss this earlier?!?! Oh, wow. Yea. Haven’t been all that worried about tea parties. Air Soft Guns, check. Rip sticks, check. Skate board ramp, check. But tea parties….not even on my radar of things to fret over and monitor carefully!

    Hope she’s healing up quickly!

    Blessings and boo-boo kisses!

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