Things I Love Thursday

It is Thursday again. 

I have done Thursday Thirteen (TT).  It was fun, but thinking up 13 things every week got way too stressful  LOL  😀

I have found a few other Thursday meme’s but they were also too involved and had a lot of hoops to jump through.

Man, I just want to share a little sumthin’ sumthin’ with ya’ll on my blog.

You know, let you into my world!

So, Mama Mia has been participating in a Thursday meme that looks pretty interesting.  I like interesting!

It is Things I Love Thursday hosted by The Diaper Diaries.

So, here is my first Things I Love Thursday.

Tell me what ya’ll think!


Something I love is my Earthbound Organics canvas grocery tote.

I won it!  How cool is that?  🙂

It is washable, reusable, easy to keep up with and holds a lot of stuff!

Not only was the bag free but our family is helping to keep thousands of pounds of trash out of the landfills and save thousands of trees! 

The great thing is that Earthbound Organics is constantly giving away free items from totes, to coupons, to products and more.  Right now you can take a short quiz and win a coupon. 

Their site is also chock full of healthy eating, healthy living and green living tips.

For more Things I Love Thursdays visit The Diaper Diaries.

Have a blessed day,



14 responses to “Things I Love Thursday

  1. They are even more special when you let your children use fabric markers and “decorate” it for you!!! They are a great way to send a message to the “plastic” people….lol. I love using market bags…make me, a southerner, feel all northern….because hardly anyone here uses them! It is a shame!!!

  2. I too have jumped on the reusable shopping bag band wagon. And you can’t beat a free one!! Off to check out website. Thanks for playing 🙂

  3. Free is always good – I use 6 canvas bags purchased at various grocery stores at various times – some are better than others – this one looks so simple and obvious and hello, free. Lucky duck.

  4. i love my reusable bags too. not only did my 10 lb bag of sugar go into a bag with other items, i didn’t have to worry about the handle breaking!! 🙂

  5. Candace (Mama Mia)

    I love that it’s washable! I have some reusable bags that are great (when I remember to take them with me to the store, but that’s a whole other story), but they’re not washable. I’ll have to check this one out.

  6. Hey! We are all over the cotton shopping bags, except they’ve all been 99¢. Small confession, when I run out of plastic bags for trash garbage, I leave the cotton bag at home for a trip or two. I have a couple that have done really well in the laundry, and a couple that are wipeable (so I suspect not so earth-friendly at the bitter end of their careers. I’m in Canada, so I don’t know if the coupons will work, but I’ll give it a go!

    It’s my first post here too!

  7. This is great! Good job on getting it free!

  8. I have an awesome canvas grocery tote that my mom made for me and I *love* it! Especially because it holds so much more than the plastic bags do, but the handles are still comfortable.

  9. I love reusable bags…I’ll have to go check out their site to see about getting some free ones!

  10. Came across your website recently. Loving it! Thank you for all of the useful homeschooling information!

    Good stuff.


  11. Free, ecofriendly, washable? Totally worth it!
    I’ve gotta check out the site!

  12. Great looking bag. I think I’m going to head over and see about doing some of these thursay, this looks like something I can do, lol.

  13. We too use the reusable shopping bags. We have two large ones for dry goods and an insulated one for refrigerator/freezer items. All of them fold up and velcro together. They fit nicely under the seat of our vehicle so we are never without them!

  14. First off, I LOVE the name of your blog. I get asked that question a lot also.

    Secondly, we got a free earthbound organic purple tote a while back also! Very nice 🙂

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