Tackle it Tuesday- Learning Game Trays

My tackle this week are my two new trays. 

Teacher M. and I were at Michaels last week and we found these great wooden trays on clearance for $2 each!  Yes!! 

     There were only 5.  She bought 3 (she has more students than I do) and I got 2.  I would have gotten more if I could have and I will be on the lookout for more. 

I started out by painting them a solid color.

Then I painted them to look like this.  It was just fun and I painted whatever came out at the time. 

I also put two layers of polyeurethane on them to seal the paint. 

Here they are as my new learning game trays:

     The trays are used as work stations for the different learning games we have.  The kids will use these with the word tiles, money, letter tiles and such.  The trays are also very portable, and the kids can use them on the couch, outside, in the van, anywhere we need.  Not to mention, being stackable makes storage neat, easy and very organized!   🙂

For more great tackles visit 5 Min for Mom.

Have a blessed day,



7 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday- Learning Game Trays

  1. Wonderful idea! Great job! Very pretty! Okay I’m going to make a sentence that has more than 2 words lol.

  2. Oh, I totally love that idea!! I need some learning games for my 5yo and 2yo. Where do you suggest I start to make some?
    Thanks for sharing this idea. Wish I was in the big city to grab a few of those.

  3. Those are cute, makes me wish there was a Micheal’s near me. Great job.

  4. Great tackle. Love the idea too.

  5. Great idea! I’ve been dealing with a bag of wooden shapes whose pieces seem to keep exiting the custody of the 5 year old and entering the mouths of the twins–this could be just the ticket!

  6. Great idea! I’m going to go to our Michael’s and look for some, too.

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