WFMW- Fly Traps

     I have been fighting a raging battle for well over a month now. 

     We moved on to six weeks of fighting those horrible, little fruit flies.

     Ooooh, I hate those things and it seemed like we just couldn’t get rid of them!! 

      I finally found the source of their never-ending troops.  Old potatoes that one of the children had inadvertently covered up.  They had gone nasty and provided exactly what those little beasts needed to breed new forces.

     Now that new troops were out of the picture I had to get rid of the rest of them.  I don’t like using chemicals so a great friend turned me on to a fantastic trap. 

Here is what you need:

a bowl

some fruit (banana peel, apple core, old strawberries, watermelon, etc…)

cling wrap

a knife

     Put the fruit in the bowl.  Cover the bowl completely with plastic wrap.  Poke holes into the plastic wrap. 

     The holes need to be big enough for the flies to find and go into, but not big enough for them to easily fly back out.  The fruit lures the flies in and they can’t get out.   The older the fruit the better.  It has more smell that lures more flies more quickly. 

     This was extremely successful for me.  I even recycled some dried fruit containers to use as traps. 

This is my recycled trap with flies! 

     Notice the genius use of duct tape to keep it closed.  🙂

     This also works with house flies but the holes have to be big enough for them to get into the trap. 

Have a blessed day and may all the flies that plague your house be trapped and perish!!



5 responses to “WFMW- Fly Traps

  1. Great idea! Last summer we had terrible flies. I finally matched them to pics on the internet and they were flies that feed on organic material. So, I put a layer of sand on each houseplant…no more flies!!! I start to think I’m seeing things. My hubby who is a farmer and not bothered by the little critters, keeps asking me what is wrong…adding to the pot!! lol

  2. We do a similar thing over here and have also found that apple cider vinegar in the trap is like honey to these pesky guys. I love that you re-use your fruit containers! I’ve been using drinking glasses but this is much more recycle friendly!


  3. Genius!! Pure genius! So much more sanitary than those fly strips I’ve had to put around that my preschooler ALWAYS FINDS. Ew! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  4. I heard that same idea recently but *thankfully* we’ve yet to have enough this summer to give it a try…I’m sure it will come in handy soon enough, though…seems impossible to make it through a summer without them! thanks!

  5. We (luckily) have not had this problem, but what an inventive approach to getting rid of them!

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