Tackle it Tuesday

     You should have seen me running around trying to prepare for my Tackle it Tuesday post.  Yeesh! 

     Several months ago we painted our kitchen cabinets white. 

     Now, I do not like painted wood.  It is fine in someone else’s house, but not mine. 

     Painting the kitchen cabinets was, unfortunately, something that had to be done. 

     The white did not work out well.  It stained very quickly and despite supposedly being washable, didn’t wash.  For squat!!

     Now I am painting them again. 

     This time it is a much easier color and the paint is “super-washable”.  At least, that is what the can says and what we paid extra moolah for.   It dang well better be washable!

     I am going to confide in ya’ll a little moment I had with the paint.  It was a strange moment.  The color we choose is brown.  It looks just like melted chocolate ice cream.  When I was stirring the paint it got the little bubbles in it and looked exactly like melted chocolate ice cream!   For just a moment, a fraction of a second, while I was letting the paint drip off of the stirrer, I almost stuck my tongue out to lick it.  To lick it!    Oh My Word!  That is how chocolate-like this stuff looks!!! 

     So here are the cabinets that are white:


     Here is a little of what I have gotten painted:

     It is such a huge improvement and I love how it looks.  The handles I bought match beautifully and so far the paint is wiping off well.  I will work on one section at time until it is all done.

     For more Tackle it Tuesday visit 5 Min for Mom!

     I also wanted to pass on that I will be participating in the Bloggy Giveaway coming up July 28 th-Aug 1st.  Come back then to see what I am giving away!

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15 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday

  1. I love the new color! I am the person who is against white, only trim and accents, that is it! Fortunately I have an old house where the rooms are all not white, love it. BTW, nice blog! Good tackle, stop by my tackle it Tuesday for the green bean brigade!

  2. LOL, I can’t believe you almost licked it. That is TOO FUNNY!

  3. What a yummy looking color! The cabinets look terrific!

  4. Wow, what a difference! That looks great.

  5. Oooh! I love that color. Great job!!!

  6. Your cabinets look great! I need to paint mine but I’m afraid of the process.

  7. Oh, I like that brown color. I did mine a month or so ago & did them pink! Pink!? lol I’ll be redoing them again, soon.

  8. I love the color. It looks warm and comfortable. White is too stark and like you said, gets dirty too fast.

  9. Love the new color! It shouldn’t show stains as much, and
    I think it has more personality than plain ol’ white!

  10. the new color is GREAT! I too dislike white cabinets in the kitchen – like you said, gets way too dirty looking way too fast.

  11. LOL, I can’t believe you almost licked it, that’s hilarious! 🙂

  12. We do this for a living. I’m telling you that what makes the paint durable is catalist in the paint. Hopefully what you bought will work.
    It’s nice to spruce up the kitchen.

  13. I was just thinking that for all the trouble you went through you could have stripped the cabinets & restained. Easy strip is nice to use. No smell.

    Edited by Rhen~ I love restoring old wood furniture, but alas, the cabinets are not real wood and painting was the only option. Ugh!

  14. Ohhhh, I like that color much better than the white….

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