Clickschooling- more great sites!

Hello ya’ll. 

     My inbox was teeming with great homeschooling sites and tips so I thought it was high time I shared some more with you.

Today’s theme- Science!

Dry Ice Experiments

Cloud in a Bottle

Mentos Geyser

Cornstarch Science- quicksand goo

Make Your Own Bubbling Lava Lamp

Amazing Egg Experiments

Seven Layer Density Column

These are some awesome experiments so have fun and maybe get just a little bit messy! 🙂

God Bless,



2 responses to “Clickschooling- more great sites!

  1. How lovely to see that you’ve discovered Steve Spangler Science, too! My kids can’t get enough of his website and all it offers. So many such sites require registration and fees – Robert Krampf charges fifty dollars! – but Steve Spangler Science is free, unless you wish to order something, of course. Even then, most of the kits are just packaged easy ways to do experiments most of us have the ingredients for in the kitchen anyway. Ever since I signed up for the Experiment of the Week on the Spangler site, we’ve not had a dull summer day yet!

    Sorry for the ramble. I get carried away about the Spangler stuff because my kids have never been this enthusiastic about a website before.

    We’ve got the upside-down tomatoes growing on our deck as I write!!!

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