Menu Monday

Wow, I can’t believe it is Monday again already!!

It seems like I just posted last week’s menu.

This week we have a new dish as well as a few family favorites.  The kids are rather adventurous with their food and like to try new dishes. 

My dinners are not day specified.  I make the menu up and then choose the dinner I want to make that night.

This week:

      ♦Chicken fajitas with refried beans

      ♦Breakfast- I love breakfast for dinner!

      ♦Hamburgers (awesome turkey burger recipe), potato salad and roasted corn.  We did the roasted corn this weekend and it was scrumptious!!!

      ♦Roast lamb with sweet potato casserole and sliced fresh veggies (cucs, tomatoes, raw greenbeans)

      ♦BBQ Chicken Stew

      ♦Beef tips w/ brown rice and pinto beans

      ♦One night out as family night.  Mr. Muscles takes us out so I don’t have to cook anything, there is nothing for our family to clean up and my tea glass is never empty!

What is on your menu this week?  For more great menu ideas visit Organizing Junkie.

Have a very blessed week,



4 responses to “Menu Monday

  1. A love a family outing for dinner and who doesn’t love a night of cooking???

  2. I love breakfast for dinner too. Great menu.

  3. The BBQ Chicken Stew sounds yummy!

  4. mmmm chicken fajitas

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