Parting is such sweet sorrow.

     I have a question for you, my bloggyland friends and I would love to hear your opinions.

     When you have stepped on that stinking little toy for the 5th time tonight, when you have kicked the same game left on the floor, when you picked up the stuffed animals yet again, and when you have to stand over the kids to get them to pick anything, do you chunk the toys?  Do you give them away?

     Here is where it starts.  I am one person trying to keep this place clean and picked up after 8 people.  I figure that if the toys, games and such are too much for the children to keep picked up then there is too much stuff for them to be responsible for. 

     We have pared things down a good bit by getting rid of the toys that were broken, missing pieces, outgrown, never played with, etc. 

      What is left are supposed to be their favorites and “can’t live without them toys”. 

      I give the children a set amount of time to clean up and what they leave down when it is bedtime is supposed to go.  It can be donated or thrown away.  The problem is that I have a problem getting rid of the toys.  I know where they got them.  I know how much fun they have had with that toy(s).  I like the toys.  I then have a hard time getting rid of them.  I don’t have any extra space to store them. 

     How do I let go of the toys?  I am not a big pack rat but I can get very attached.  Oh, taking a picture to remember the item doesn’t work.  Sometimes it is not an attachment to the toy but rather I think it is a great toy and that they could have a lot of fun playing with it.  Not to mention I don’t like the idea of throwing money or good toys down the drain!

     Do you ever have a hard time getting rid of specific toys that belong to your kids? 

     What do you do? 

     How do you let go?

     I would love to hear what you have to say!

God bless,



7 responses to “Parting is such sweet sorrow.

  1. Hi Rhen!
    I just wanted to stop by and say a big “Thank You!” for coming by my blog! Stop by often! Now, about those toys…..have you thought about loaning them out to another family (that you know, love and trust preferably) for a certain amount of time? Some amount of time that is just long enough for your kids to miss them and appreciate them once they had them back. If you found yourself not missing the toys once they were on loan, then give them away. Take care, Julie

  2. I am not good at this at all! Let me clarify: I am good at making them clean up and having a spot for them all to place their stuff. I am NOT good at following through with my threat to get rid of it if I see it laying around again!

    But my sister used to do something that my mom did (although Mom did it for different reasons). She takes those toys, gathers a big garbage bag and fills it over time. Those toys “disappear” for awhile. Then she either rotates them back in if they been missed, or they find their way out of the house if no one noticed they are gone.

    A friend charges her kids money for each toy confiscated. The money goes to the family change jar that is designated for vacations, day trips, etc.

    I just yell “Spot Check” and get them all movin’ and groovin’ to get their stuff. I used to have them play spy to seek all the stuff out and put it away, but my 14 year old doesn’t appreciate the role-playing imagination games so much anymore 🙂

  3. Our home is VERY small (we currently have 5 living here) and therefore it seems we ALWAYS have somethig laying around. Our routine includes “quick cleans” before dinner, supper and bedtime. Twice per year, birthdays and Christmas, the children MUST go through their toys and clothes and either throw away or donate whatever they no longer like, play with, wear or have outgrown. I don’t really get emotionally attached to toys or clothing. Therefore I am able to let the children decide what to keep and what to discard.

  4. I am the Queen of the black garbage bag! I can’t stand things on the floor, especially in the bedrooms. If there is something wrong in the middle of the night, I do not want to break my foot trying to get to the kids.

    My kids have a choice, either pick up or get rid of it. It makes them have the choice, and the power to get it done. I am not afraid of getting rid of a toy. They both have way to many in my opinion anyway.

  5. I have this problem big time. I often say that I inherited my clutter problem from my Grandmother. She is in assisted living now, but when she was in her own home the woman saved EVERYTHING. And because I am trying to be responsible with the budget I save everything too. Stuff that needs to be scrapbooked (someday five years later), stuff that I may use someday, stuff that I just cannot throw out because that was the favorite —– fill in the blank. I actually went through DD3’s room the other day and got rid of a few things. I threw out some puzzles that had one piece missing each, and a few Leap Frog things that had pieces missing. I figure that DD 8mos deserves to have some new toys too. I really just need someone with a strong arm to come and go through my stuff and say to me, “You REALLY don’t need that.” Then they need to just take it away.

  6. I have a decorative metal and weave basket in the living room into which I toss anything that’s been left in “my” room. At the end of the week I let the children have their things back to put away all at once. That helps a little with the one room at least.

  7. My kiddos do “Tidy Time” each day (or at least that’s the plan!). Anything not put away is put in a box. My son’s room currently has two BOXES of toys that were left out after he claimed his room was clean. The idea is that he can earn one toy back each day that he cleans his room, but those boxes have been full for at least 6 weeks…I’m thinking the boxes may just disappear this week, he probably won’t even notice! He also complains at bedtime when I tell him to pick up his things in the living room, put dirty clothes in the basket, put shoes away, and put toys away in his room…he wonders why his sisters get to go strait to bed and he has to do “ALL THIS WORK!”. I explained to him that they take care of things through the day (putting dirty clothes in the basket when they take them off, putting toys away when they are done with them, placing shoes in the proper basket when they take them off, etc..) instead of leaving it all for bedtime. We’ll try to get him into this same routine before school starts again! He can’t stay up later cleaning, he needs his sleep!
    I enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing-

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