Menu Monday


     I am excited about my menu this week.

     Why?  Because one of the meals will be prepared by Mr. Muscles.  Woo Hoo!

     For this week my family will be tortured with enjoy:

Hamburgers w/ potato salad and roasted corn on the cob. 

BBQ Chicken Stew- Crock pot meal!

Beef tips and brown rice with fresh veggies.

Chicken Alfredo w/ noodles and a Greek salad.  (this is the one Mr. Muscles is making)

Tuna Salad (not sandwiches)

Meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes and green beans (from the garden)

and Saturday night is our family night out.  No cooking, no cleaning and my tea glass never gets empty.  LOL 🙂

     What are you preparing this week?  I am always in the market for new and healthy dinners so if you have anything I can take a peak at on your menu let me know!

     All of our dinners are homemade and I am glad to share recipes!


     I am hoping the weather will be nice this week.  There are several projects outside I really need to get finished.   I am not complaining one bit about the rain we have had, it was the humid heat that preceded it.  That, and the schedule that fills up my workable mornings and leaves me with only the afternoons free to get things done.  Only a couple more weeks of the summer gymnastics schedule and then back to the normal evening one. 

My to-do for this week:

finish attaching the pature fencing

finish the rock garden wall

mulch the rock garden

weed the veggie garden

harvest beans

replant (succession planting) lettuce, carrots, radishes and such

repaint kitchen island cabinets

kids’ gymnastics T, TH and F


laundry (like this ever ends!)


That is enough to think about for now!  If I am going to get this list accomplished I have to get off of the computer.  See ya’ll later!

God Bless,


PS- I have a new poll for you on my poll page!


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