Snuggle time

     Having 6 children means a lot of busy times but Mr. Muscles and I try to work in as much one-on-one time with each of the children as we can. 

     Today was one of those times for me and Ms. Independent (3).  She is definitely a snuggle bug.  Ms. Giggles (16 months) was napping, and the other 4 older children were playing which gave me some time alone with her.

     It was one of those moments that I tried to burn into my memory as she looked at me with her big blue eyes.  We were snuggled up together on my bed, under a chenille blanket and watching a little Discovery Channel.  We relaxed, we tickled, we giggled and talked.  She has so much to say and I loved getting to hear it. 

Ms. Independent


4 responses to “Snuggle time

  1. Glad you had some special time with that special child!

  2. The special time is so important. Glad you got to have the time with her.

  3. These little moments are what matter the most! 🙂

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