I did not fall off the face of the earth!

The world did not stop so I could take a break.  LOL 

Our family took a trip to Orlando, FL. 

     We were not going to take a vacation this year (because of gas prices) but Ms. Firecracker competed in AAU Level Gymnastics Nationals.  

     She placed 4th in the nation.  I am very proud of her.  She is a little disappointed.  She wanted to place higher in each event and the all around.  I explained to her that her age group had the stiffest competition and the highest scoring gymnasts.  The top 4 gymnasts in each event and all around were seperated by 3/4’s of a point or less.  She also bested most of her own scores.  She did GREAT!  She medaled in everything!

     Personally, I was a little disappointed with Nationals.  The routines, especially the floor, were really watered down.  They took out almost all of the technical skills.   You could also tell what state most of the judges were from.  It is sad that even children’s gymnastics is so political! 

     On the positive side, Ms. Firecracker had a blast- she loves competing.  She got to meet new girls.  My son, Short Man, was able to watch the boys’ competition to see what he will be doing.  And we had a great time in Florida.  We took another family with us.  Their daughter competes with Ms. Firecracker and this way both families could save on gas and housing.  I talked about the family before.  They are our friends Teacher M and her husband Sheriff W. 

     We went to Busch Gardens and Sea World.  Mr. Muscles got to ride roller coasters.  Teacher M was Mr. Muscles’ roller coaster partner.  Her husband, Sheriff W,  doesn’t do roller coasters and I wish I could.  One of the roller coasters they rode was Sheikra.  Oh – My – Word!  Not only is it huge but it also take the riders waaayyyyyy up and then hangs them over the edge of the drop off before finally letting them go.  I got dizzy just watching them!  

     They tricked me into going on a roller coaster at Sea World.    In my defense, it didn’t look like a roller coaster.  I can handle a small to medium drop like the log ride.   That is what I thought the Journey to Atlantis was.  But, the folks at Sea World are very tricky people.  They hide the rest of it behind a big, fancy, schmancy building.  Then they have your hubster and friends convince you that you can handle that one drop.  What they don’t tell you about is the second drop or the third.  They also do not tell you that the third drop twists around.   But —-I did it!  I SURVIVED!!!  It could even be considered fun!  Does this mean I will be riding Sheikra with Mr. Muscles?  NO!! 

     I will be back later to tell you more about our vacation.  There is still a lot of work outside that I need to get to.  Everyone is fed and full of energy so I need to get them out there while I can.

Have a blessed day,



3 responses to “I did not fall off the face of the earth!

  1. Congrats to Ms Firecracker!! Such a huge accomplishment.

  2. YAY!!! Glad to know you didn’t fall off the face of the earth with that coaster….

  3. Tell little Miss Firecracker “Way To Go”!! Sounds like you all had some fun! Glad to see you back …

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